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FREE Flights and All Incoming Services to 7 South American Countries and Antactica
With the great support of China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online, 2012 South American Roadshow grandly kicked off in Shanghai on 24th October.More than 160 tourism professionals and Medias attended.
With the great support of China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online, 2012 South American Roadshow jointly organized by Argentina INPROTUR, Embratur, Turismo Chile, Proexport Colombia, PromPeru, Ministerio De Turismo De Uruguay,  INATUR Venezuela grandly kicked off in Shanghai on 24th October. Accompanied with 15 local incoming providers, ambassadors, consular officials and representatives of tourism boards presented themselves on the scene. This event covered seven countries of South America, which attracted over 160 travel trade professionals and Medias in Shanghai. 

The representatives of South American countries took group photo with winner of the lucky draw

Consul General for the Bolivarian Repbulic of Venezuela Mr. Jean Carlos Ravel Gonzalez, representing all the South American countries having Consulates here in Shanghai made a speech. He said, “As the emerging tourist destinations of South America, Venezuela and Uruguay will be relatively unfamiliar to Chinese tourists. We hope this roadshow could be the great opportunity to enter China outbound travel market. Other Consul Generals attended this roadshow include Consul General for the Argentina Republic Mr. Francisco Ferro, Consul General for the Federative Republic of Brazil Mrs. Ana Cãndida Perez, Consul General for the Republic of Chile Mr. Rachel Claudio Rojas, Consul General for the Republic of Colombia Mr. Ricardo Galindo, Consul General for the Republic of Peru Mr. Diego Alvarado Montoya, Consul General for the Oriental Republic of Uruguay Mr. Beraldo R. Nicola.
Consul General for Venezuela
Mr. Jean Carlos Ravel Gonzalez
Mr. Mariano Vila
Mr. Marcus Sasse
Chile Tourism Board
Ms. Carolina Valenzuela

Mr. Mariano Vila, from INPROTUR, said that, “Over 25,000 Chinese tourists visited Argentina last year, with the average amount spent about $8000. It is predicted that the total number of outbound visitors from China to Argentina may reach 100,000 by 2015, which has great significance to Argentina’s tourism.”  

As the host country of 2013 FIFA, 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil undoubtedly becomes one of the most popular tourism destinations for Chinese visitors.  Mr. Marcus Sasse from Embratur introduced that “In 2011, the number of Chinese visitors came to Brazil significantly increased by 47.9%.”

Following the tourism promotion made by Chile, there is a significant increase in high-end Chinese visitors to Chile. Ms. Carolina Valenzuela, from Chile Tourism Board, listed the reason to visit Chile," The visitors will see the world’s most arid desert-Atacama; more than 1,200 kilometers of viticulture valleys; 5 World Heritage Sites; the third largest continental ice fields located in the Patagonia; Ski Resorts-Santiago…The tourists will have a extraordinary experience offered by a land of contrast.”

Ms. Jenny Ge, Consultant of Proexport Colombia Outbound Tourism, announced “The number of Chinese tourists to Colombia increased by 24.6% in the first half year of 2012 compared with a year earlier. At present, China market ranks 28 among the whole incoming market. We are confident on China outbound travel market and more visitors will come to Colombia. ”

Embassy of the Republic of Colombia
Ms. Jenny Ge
Ms. Rocio Florian
Ministerio de Turismo de Uruguay
Ms. Paula Morán
Mr. Jose Rivas

Asia & Pacific Incoming Tourism Coordinator of PromPeru Ms. Rocio Florian proudly said, “Peru saw an increase of 25% of Chinese tourists last year.”

Ms. Paula Morán, from Ministerio de Turismo de Uruguay, indicated that “Our goals for 2015 are 2.600.000 tourist arrivals, 1.800 million dollars of income, positioning nation brand, diversifying tourism offer and innovating, support process started to facilitate operation of more international airports and continue efforts to establish convention and exhibition centers.’’
Mr. Jose Rivas from INATUR highlighted the tourism resources “Chinese visitors will appreciate Angel Falls in Venezuela, the world's highest waterfall. Venezuela is a country with more Miss Universe Pageant titles than any other nation, which is a big attraction for visitors.”
Co-organizing this event for two consecutive years, the World Travel Online and China Business Network (CBN) gave the joint promotion strong support. Dr. Adam Wu, Chief Operating Officer of China Business Network, chaired this event, “South America has already being the real hot destinaiton of Chinese tourists, visiting South America countries are as easy as ABC. Give us 2 hours, we show you the entire South America”.

Dr. Adam Wu, Chief Operating Officer of China Business Network delivered the welcome speech

On the well-organized B2B workshop, the local Chinese travel companies grasped the opportunity to communicate with 15 South American suppliers including representatives of the tourism boards and consulates, tour operators, airlines as well as hotels. As feedbacks from the Chinese tour operators, this roadshow was a good chance for them to find potential partners and also find answers to necessary questions about visa, flight, tourism products and marketing strategies.

B2B workshop in Shanghai
Chinese tour operators face-to-face
contacting with local incoming providers

The amazing roadshow ended with the featured cocktail dinner hosted by the South American countries, and the special lucky draw activity pushed the event to the climax. Mr. Guo Qi from Shanghai Airlines Event Management Co.,Ltd was lucky enough to hit the jackpot -- FREE Flights and All Incoming Services to 7 South American Countries and Antactica. He’s very excited and expect to feel the exotic South America with his beloved.

Chinese tour operators paid great
attention to the roadshow
cocktail dinner created a
delightful business atmosphere

great wine from Argentina delicious wine from Chile

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