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Retrospection on 2008 Shanghai World Travel Fair
Retrospection on 2008 Shanghai World Travel Fair

The 5th Shanghai World Travel Fair (WTF) held on 27th – 30th March in Shanghai Exhibition Center followed up and exceeded the great success of former editions. It was hailed as “the marketing oriented platform with the most charm for outbound travel from China” and attracted higher than 90% international exhibitors which revealed more professional and internationalization.

On the day of opening ceremony also held the WTF Forum in which the expert of UNWTO, Ms. Xu Fan delivered a speech to anatomize the current situation and prospects of outbound market in Yangtze River Delta through deep levels and multi angles.


Ms. Zhao Wen, deputy mayor of Shanghai, was delivering a welcome speech on the opening ceremony of 2008 WTF.

Ms. Xu Fan, expert of UNWTO, was giving a excellent speech on the WTF Forum.

China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online together with many of its honorable clients also attended the big event with special invitations from the sponsors. Their delicate and capacious stands with unique or diversified features attracted lots of visitors. CBN stand was also the meeting center for its clients from overseas and hosted buyers and tour professionals all through China. With the supports and services in different aspects from CBN, a large number of exhibitors felt benefited and made great promotion of their business.


The stand of CBN and World Travel Online also became the spot for exhibitors and tour professionals to make tour trade negotiations.

Mrs. Mary Lazet Dadzie(left 2), managing Director of African Network Travel & Tours, was introducing tour related business of Ghana to tour operators from China.

The stands of eye-catching exhibitors—Jamaica Tourist Board, Porto Rico Tourism Board and Madagascar Tourism Board, African Network Travel & Tours from Ghana, Africantours from Tunis, Hard Rock Café from Europe, also tour organizations from Malaysia and Egypt etc. attracted a good number of hosted buyers and tour professionals even decision makers from travel agencies, CBN also acted as the linkage of cooperation between exhibitors and buyers.

Visitors from all over China enjoyed the wonderful journey by strolling around the hall and feeling the hot atmosphere of Chinese outbound travel.


The mystery and magnificence of Egypt stand was highlighted among numerous stands.

Malaysia stand brought forth its specific design of Double towers—the landmark buildings of its country.

The 2008 WTF presented to be more characteristic especially in unique point with the theme of” Travel the world in one day!”, as the top-level Travel Fair in east of China, WTF gathered more than 500 exhibitors form 62 countries and districts, attracted near 60 thousands tour professionals and non-professional visitors. The success rate of sellers and buyers match nearly reached 90%, what’s more, the spot sign-up of agreements and trade values reached 8 million RMB. The domino effect of platform is becoming more obviously and the focusing of outbound travel of WTF is the best reason for its success.

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