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Swiss canine ambassadors visit China to promote tourism
Switzerland has sent two Saint Bernard dogs to Shanghai as ambassadors for activities marking the China-Switzerland Year of Tourism.
The Saint Bernard is considered a national symbol of Switzerland, similar to the giant panda in China.
The 70-kg male Apero and 58-kg female Bricotine were raised in the countryside near Lake Geneva. They first traveled to Beijing before arriving in Shanghai on Friday.
From Friday to Sunday, they will meet the public at various venues such as Jing'an sculpture park and Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone.
According to Alexander Hoffet, consul general of Switzerland in Shanghai, China is the fourth largest source of overseas tourists for Switzerland, and a growing number of Chinese tourists prefer to travel independently rather than in organized tour groups.
Saint Bernard dogs are one of the most recognizable symbols of the Swiss Alps, a favored destination for tourists. The species was originally bred in the Great and Little Saint Bernard Pass, which borders France and Italy, and was used in Alpine rescue missions to save people caught in avalanches and other natural disasters.
Apero and Bricotine have already traveled abroad several times taking part in international dog shows and public events.
There is an account dedicated to them on Chinese social networking platform Sina Weibo, where information about their China visit is being posted.
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  Source: Xinhua Net

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