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Bukovel Ski Resort gave Chinese tour operators a pleasant surprise in Ukraine
Chinese delegation visited Bukovel Ski Resort during the Fam trip to Ukraine, and gave highly positive comments on it.
In recent years, winter sports is a new frontier for Chinese tourism, and the Chinese skiing market is booming. In order to find and create a unique skiing experience for Chinese tourists, a delegation of Chinese tour operators, led by World Travel Online and CBN Travel & MICE and arranged by Pan Ukraine, visited Bukovel Ski Resort during the Fam trip to Ukraine. 
Ms.  Yarina Rumejak (line1 left2)  took the group photo with Chinese delegation
in front of the Raddison Blu in the Bukovel Ski Resort 
The beautiful view of Bukovel Ski Resort 
Bukovel Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe and popular skiing destination located in the Carpathian Mountains. The Resort gave the Chinese delegation a pleasant surprise, since it contains all fine facilities for sports, business, leisure and health, and has high-profile hotels, including Raddison Blu, as well as boutique restaurants such as Salo. Chinese delegation had a very wonderful experience here by enjoying its awesome special experiences, such as beautiful site seeing, local foods, and hot springs.
Izki Eco Resort, where the delegation stayed in Bukovel Ski Resort, offers great environment.
The delegation took an inspection to Raddison Blu, the largest hotel in Bukovel Ski Resort
SALO restaurant is open for the 2017-2018 winter season to showcase the traditional flavors of the Ukrainian cuisine.
The delegation gave highly positive comments on the Bukovel Ski Resort: “We feel excited and comfortable here, and its unique resources make a deep impression on us. Chinese tourists will like it, because they are looking for a more special skiing experience overseas and Bukovel Ski Resort won’t disappoint them!”
The delegation said the hot spring in Bukovel Ski Resort is pretty good.
According to the 2017 China Ski Industry White Book, more than half of the 1.2 million Chinese skiers (and snowboarders) travel abroad. In addition to the excellent ski slopes and facilities in Bukovel Ski Resort, the exciting activities are the best selling points of the resort as well.

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