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Ghana chose CBN--the Gateway to West Africa opens for China
Ghana chose CBN--the Gateway to West Africa opens for China

Winning the "Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award" on 2008 COTTM (China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market), Ghana Tourist Board completed its mission to show great power in providing exemplary services to Chinese outbound travelers.

Honorable Minister of Tourism of Ghana made a speech following the receipt of the CTW Award watched on by Executive Director of Ghana Tourism Board Dr. Adam Wu, COO of China Business Network (CBN) who successfully nominated Ghana for the CTW Award was invited to give a speech on the Award Ceremony.

China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online -–the professional and loyal supporter of Ghana shared with it the joyance and cheer, also made great endeavor for its promotional activities in China. 
Chief Director, Mrs Bridgette Katsriku and Executive Director of GTB were in discussion with Dr. Adam Wu about next step of organising Fam trip to Ghana by seleted tour operators and media. Akwaaba! Hospitable Ghanaian dressed up with finery welcomes world-around visitors

Akwaaba! It means “Welcome!” People welcomed by Ghana stand on COTTM could experience Ghana’s hospitality and fascinating travel value. The land of sunshine, the nation with the reputation as the friendliest in Africa attracted tens of Chinese tour professionals and operators also hundreds of tour visitors from all around China.

Historical alcazar and modern beach express alluring features of Ghana with cultural diversity to magnetize more people coming

Ghana is a peaceful country and has been branded the Gateway to West Africa which now opens to Chinese people with supports of CBN and World Travel Online, the unique feature of its nation urges more Chinese tourists to visit Ghana. The immense cultural diversity of this country, the great festivals held around the country, the amazing attractions like Nzulezo Village, Larabanga Mosque, Posuban Shrines, Abosomfie “Fetish Shrines”, The W.E.B. Du Bois Memorial Centre, Centre for National Culture “Arts Centre”, and National Museum and so on are all thrilling and fascinating points for exploring Ghana.

Nowadays, authentic African Drumming and Dancing which have been performed for centuries shows excellent charms to Chinese people, Ghana also provides the chance for them to learn and participate in their wonderful arts. The Drumming and Dancing with tropical music transfer the soul of Ghana to world-around people, especially people in China.

Great festivals celebrated by Ghanaian with inherited African Drumming and Dancing show the unique tropical culture of Ghana

Ghana is said to be in the centre of the world, Ghana Tourist Board brought the central African culture and historical heritage to China, as well as brought tour trade opportunities here, Dr. Wu of CBN who nominated Ghana for the award told the award committee that Ghana's tourism sector was among the most active destinations in Africa in terms of marketing tourism potentials to the Chinese market.

With the supports of CBN and World Travel Online, not only Ghana Tourist Board but also most of the private tour operators in Ghana have developed websites in Chinese also made Chinese brochures for publicity which enhanced the promotion of Ghana in China and established more relationships between tour operators from Ghana and China.


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