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COTTM Double Investing in its 2019 VIP Buyer Programme
Under the situation of continuous and steady growth of China's outbound tourism market, China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market (COTTM), the witness of China outbound travel and tourism industry development and innovation, will take place its 15th edition on 15-17 April 2019 in Beijing.
COTTM is  regarded as the most important platform and remains the only business to business exhibition in China dedicated to the outbound travel market, the business including in bringing the communication, agency to the China tourist operators, OTA, Luxury Customized travel agency , MICE operators directly. Focusing on the growing China outbound tourism market, and business to business, COTTM has been hold successfully and consecutively for 14 years since 2005. COTTM takes “Developing China outbound tourism industry and bridging communication between China & world tourism as its commission. COTTM is the longest running and most well respected trade show in the China outbound travel and tourism industry. 
COTTM organiser has announced recently: COTTM will double its investing in its 2019 VIP Buyer Program, and will provide more VIP buyers to seek for business opportunities with exhibitors and also to elevate the efficiency of onsite business meetings. 
COTTM joins force to organize numbers of Chinese top tour operators to take part in the COTTM2019 as the  “COTTM2019 top buyers groups”. The members of the buyer groups are compose of hundreds of outbound business leaders and experts from constituent companies of all these Chinese top tour operators. “COTTM top buyer groups” will not only build a bridge of communication between the buyers and the overseas destination resources/services providers through online and offline, but also improve the overall capacity of purchasing and design travel products for these top buyers and at same time it is also make it possible that these top buyers can share their own resource and information between each other as well.
Apart from organising VIP buyer groups”, COTTM will increase the number of VIP buyers. It is projected that 400 VIP buyers will be selected from the three parts of the core area of China outbound tourist generating regions, including the Beijing-Centered Metropolitan Circle around Bohai Sea, Shanghai-Centered Metropolitan Circle of the Yangtze River, Pearl River Delta Metropolitan Area Centered on Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and South-west cities like Chengdu and Chongqing. These 400 VIP buyers will be from diversified sectors, including customized tour, leisure tour, package tour, themed tour and MICE tour etc. 
With 14 years’ development, COTTM has gathered a large number of loyal VIP buyers and fans. It’s COTTM's unswerving pursuit to provide accurate destination resources to the Chinese outbound tourism market, through observing the development direction of China's outbound tourism market and understanding VIP buyers core needs.
COTTM2019 will provide incentive package for all VIP Buyers. Online shopping cards/coupons with the value of hundreds of RMB will be offered to Beijing Buyers, and for buyers from outside of Beijing, they will be offered with 4-5 stars hotel accommodation during COTTM2019.
Furthermore, COTTM 2019 will optimize its online appointment system functions and offline management. VIP buyers would be able to check their appointments via wechat when they login their personal account by entering COTTM wechat account.
Over the past 10 years, COTTM has been very honored to get the support from a large number of Chinese top tour operators, including Utour, CAISSA Tourism Group, Tongcheng Tourism (LY), Ali GroupFliggy, AOYOU (CYTS), Huayuan travel Group(ETI Holding), China Comfort Tourism Group (CCT), Tuniu, Jin Jiang Travel, Guang Zhi Lv (GZL),Xin Jing jie (NICE TOUR),, Traveling Bestone, Yikuaiqu.Com, Jettour; Spring TourGroup, Grand China MICE, Uni Core Communication and so on. COTTM looks forwarding to more and more tour operators joining “COTTM TOP TOUR OPERTORS Friends Circle”. 
Organised by: Tarsus Asia 
Since its inception in 1998, Tarsus has developed its portfolio by both geography and business sector through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Tarsus Group is an international business-to-business (B2B) media company which owns and manages a portfolio of leading trade exhibitions across a range of sectors in emerging markets, the United States and Europe.
The Travel Events Organised Globally by Tarsus Group
As a B2B trade show focusing on China's outbound tourism industry, COTTM has been successfully and consecutively held for 14 editions since April 2005. The 14th editionof COTTM saw over 450 exhibitors from 70 countries showcasing a full range of the latest products and services to cater for the burgeoning outbound travel sector. More than 5000 buyers and visitors from China's leading outbound travel agencies visit COTTM every year. The 15th China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM2019) will be held in Beijing from 15-17 April, 2019.
Connect Travel Merketplace
Connect Travel Marketplace brings decision makers from top international travel buyers together with North American travel industry suppliers in the company's signature reverse-style trade show format. The inaugural event held in Orlando, facilitated 11,773 individual meetings between Destination Marketing Organizations, hotels, resorts, attractions and tour operators from 20 countries, including 35 of China's Top Tour Operators facilitated through close operational links with COTTM.
eTourism Summit
Tarsus Group further extended its commitment to the global tourism market earlier this year with the acquisition of eTourism Summit. The annual conference in San Francisco is described as the epicenter of digital destination marketing.
To book space at COTTM2019, please contact:
Sarah Hu
Tel:+86 21 6439 6310

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