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COTTM2008 Opens with A Big Gang and Closes The First Day with A Big Surprise
COTTM2008 Opens with A Big Gang and Closes The First Day with A Big Surprise

Following the fast and sound step of 2007 China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market (COTTM), 2008 COTTM opened sucessfully again at the China World Trade Center in Beijing at 9:30 on 14th April. The openning ceremony lasted over half an hour with brilliant performance by symphony orchestra and excellent welcome speeches that came from organisers, supporting organisations and also Minister of Jamaica representing exhibiting countries that inspired the enthusiasm of the audience.

Over 50  foreign dignitries and invited VIP guests attended the opening ceremony

The Honorable Minister of Jamaica Ministry of Tourism gave a pasionate speech on the opening ceremony of COTTM08

Once inside the exhibition hall one can feel the heat of the outbound travel in China is no more a myth because each of the colorful stand is surrounded by travel trade professionals meeting up with enthusiastic exhibtitors. Particulary 20 new destinations that never exhibited in China before like Zambia, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago etc. were extremely popular as the destinations were attractive for their unique attractions. As the only organisation in China focusing on outbound travel from China and a loyal supporter of COTTM, the China Business Network and World Travel Online participated the event with special invitation from the COTTM organisers and provided neccessary supports to many of the exhibiting clients.

Outstanding stands of China Business Network and World Travel Online had been prepared well to welcome outbound travel professionals

The eye catching and impressive stands of Ghana Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Board attracted many trade visitors who also enjoyed the delicious Ghanaian food offered on the first day of COTTM

Director of JTB Mr. Basil Smith and Deputy Director Mr. David Shields together with VP of Air Jamaica were interviewed by major Chinese Media during COTTMDr. Adam WU, Chief Operating Officer of China Business Network is talking with the official from Zambia Tourism Board

Once again COTTM played host to the fifth edition of the Chinese Tourism Welcoming(CTW) Awards on the first day, 6 large clients of the China Business Network were presented with the Gold Award each --Jamaica Tourist Board, Ghana Ministry of Tourism and Tourist Board, St. Andrews Luxury Golf, Ethiopia Tourism Ministry and Ethiopian Airlines. National Tourism ministers of Jamaica and Ghana personally attended CTW Award ceremony. Dr. Adam Wu of China Business Network was also invited to give a presentation of the great contribution CBN has made for outbound tourism of China.

The Minister of Tourism accompanies by director General of Tourism and Director of Jamaica Tourism Board received the CTW award from Prof. Alrt during the COTTMHonorable Minister of Tourism of Ghana made a speach following the receipt of the CTW Award watched on by Executive Director of Ghana Tourism Board

Mr. Tesfaye of Ethiopia Tourism Ministry makes speech following the receipt of CTW Award jointly with Ethiopian Airlines watched on by Ms Seble, the Airline's Area Manager in BeijingHonorable Directors of St. Andrews Golf Tours— Neil Struan Robertson and Alasdair Busby received the CTW award from Prof. Alrt during the COTTM

Some famaliar names also favorable clients of China Business Network appeared again in the COTTM-- Hard Rock Café, AQP Specialized Peruvian Tour Operator, African Network Travel and Tours,Brunei Tours, Jamaica Tourist Board, Kazakstan Ministry of Tourism and Malaysia Tourism Board and new comers like Alpstar Travel and Tours, Blue Book Online, Mulungushi Village, M& J Travel and Tours. Large number of staff of China Business Network and World Travel Online were busy providing support to all direct clients as well as looking after the higher than expacted number of hosted buyers.


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