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Chinese tour operators are interested in tourism products of Valladolid
Chinese tourism market have huge potential! The number of China's outbound tourists reached 122 million while Spain, Europe's second-most visited country after France, aims to welcome one million Chinese tourists in 2020. With the opportunity of FITUR 2017 inviting lots of Chinese hosted buyers, Valladolid, the city located in the west of Spain, presented its tourism resources to Chinese tour operators for attracting more Chinese tourists.

Chinese tour operators in Valladolid for a Fam trip
At the FITUR, the representatives of Valladolid Tourism introduced that Valladolid is full of magnificent monuments, classic works of art, rich culture, various activities, attractive food and wine, etc. All wonders are to be expected at Valladolid!
Chinese hosted buyers showed their interests on Valladolid’s tourism products and even visited the city with the warm reception and the thoughtful arrangement of Valladolid Tourism.  
 Tours in Valladolid
During a day’s shot trip, Chinese hosted buyers visited the castles and typical scenery in Valladolid such as Sculpture Museum, Peñafiel and a winery, as well as enjoy the fantastic Spanish experience, who expressed that they will customize the itineraries to Valladolid and Spain after coming back to China. 
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