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FITUR 2023 focuses on the future of sustainable tourism
In line with the importance of sustainable development in the tourism industry worldwide, the next edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR 2023, will be a vehicle for promoting strategies aimed at fostering tourism that respects the ecosystem, the environment, local culture and its value in the social and economic context as a source of employment, wealth and well-being.
FITUR, which will be held from 18 to 23 January at IFEMA Madrid, will represent the strength of the international tourism industry and its commitment to sustainable growth, in which innovation and digital transformation are key differentiating factors and drivers of development. 
In this context of sustainability, IFEMA MADRID is actively involved in measuring the carbon footprint of FITUR 23 for the first time, in scopes 1 and 2, and formalising its commitment to reducing it at the next edition.   
In addition, FITUR encourages the sustainable participation of companies and professionals, through action guides and recommendations to be followed, in order to reduce any negative effects that the fair may have and to promote awareness, waste reduction and mobility.
Sustainable participation at FITUR is also underlined by the Sustainable Stand Awards, in collaboration with the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), which aim to recognise exhibitors' efforts to ensure that their presence at FITUR is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
FiturNext Observatory
FiturNext, the FITUR Observatory dedicated to promoting good tourism practices in terms of sustainability, unveils the winning initiatives of the 2023 Challenge focused on how tourism can contribute to regenerating the natural environment. Plogging Tour, Grupo Iberostar and Green Pepper Travel are the winning projects in the three categories of this edition: regenerating the terrestrial environment, regenerating the aquatic environment and management and promotion of environmental regeneration, respectively.
The winning initiatives have in common their contribution to a more conscious and responsible way of travelling, one that helps to regenerate the natural environment of the destination visited, with the participation of the local community.
The awards ceremony, which will take place on 18 January from 12:30h (CET), will be accompanied by a series of presentations, talks and round table discussions with experts concerning regenerative tourism and conservation of the natural environment. FiturNext will also present the 2023 report.
  Source: FITUR

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