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Argentina INPROTUR Successfully Held Its 2015 Roadshow in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
Argentina Tourism Roadshow was held from 14th to 19th Oct. in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Argentina guests took photos with the exhibitors in Beijing
As the promotion event was successfully held in Guangzhou on 19th Oct., the 2015 Argentina Tourism Roadshow, organized by Argentina INPROTUR, was closed. This year, with the theme of “ Argentina, by you!”, Argentina INPROTUR launched the Roadshow in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Argentina tourism resources and the latest visa and flight information were highlighted in Roadshow. At the meantime, it worked as a platform to help Argentina tour companies to seek business partnership and expand market in China. This also attracted more than 500 Chinese tourism insiders in total.
Mr. Pablo Cagnoni, the representative of Chinese market from Argentina INPROTUR, shared tourism resources with the participants. According to his words, the natural landscape, cultural heritage, wonderful activities, and food specialties are very popular, and these have already brought many international visitors to Argentina. At present, Chinese outbound tourism market is showing its great potential, and after becoming a destination for Chinese tour group, Argentina attracts more and more Chinese visitors to come. 
Mr. Pablo Cagnoni,the representative of Chinese market from Argentina INPROTUR, shared the tourism resources with the participants
TThe Roadshow was supported by CBN Travel & MICE and World Travel Online,   Dr Wu the CEO was the moderator for the Road Show
This year, thematic tourism is highly promoted, and adventure, culture, gourmet, nature are very popular among them. According to Mr. Pablo Cagnoni’s words, Chinese visitors are becoming to seek more authentic experiences instead of whirlwind tours. “So, we develop these thematic tourism for Chinese, and hope all of you will enjoy yourselves in Argentina.” Mr. Pablo Cagnoni commented.
Mr. Julio C. Ferrari Freyre, Consul General of the Republic of Argentina,  shared the visa policy 
Mr. Horacio Reppucci, Secretary of Argentinean Tourism Chamber, introduced the tourism products
In Guangzhou, Consul General of the Republic of Argentina, Mr. Julio C. Ferrari Freyre said that the implementation of the new visa policy in June would provide convenience to Chinese to visit Argentina. Chinese visitors can go to Argentina in individual and group, and also the visa processing times is reduced. 
The participants listened carefullyRoadshow was a platform for both sides
In regard of flights, Mr. Julio C. Ferrari Freyre told the participants that it was not so difficult to travel to Argentina. Chinese can change planes in Brazil or Mexico, and then fly to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.
Dancers performed tango on the stageEach winner  was given a bottle of Malbec as prize
At the end of the event, two dancers performed the quintessence of Argentina--tango on the stage. Their beautiful moves left a deep impression on the participants. Besides, there were lottery draws during the event. A bottle of branded Argentina wine--Malbec, was given to each lucky winner as prize.
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