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Togo aims at the Chinese tourist market and promotes its destination for getting more visitors
Togo aims at the Chinese tourist market and promotes its destination for getting more visitors

The minister of Togo Tourism Honourable Batienne Kpabre Sylli gave an interview on 30th July in Lome. 

 “I’d been visited China for four times and I know China very well. China is worthy of our admiration, it has raised its international status notably for its fast development and active effect on international politics and economy, which pushes us to speed up our cooperation with it,” he said during the interview.

As to the cooperation between Sino-Africa and Sino-Togo, Honourable Batienne Kpabre Sylli commented this relationship as “cooperation attach to actual effect”. He said, “China is a true friend of Togo, the cooperation between China and Africa won’t be just rested on speaking but will be put into effect on the later actions.”

He also pointed that Togo Tourism wishes to learn from the Chinese tourism industry, especially in hotel and management of attractions for so many years. He hopes Chinese government can give some support in those areas. Besides, he mentioned, “we expect to enter the Chinese tourist market so we can diversify our own market and have more and more visitors to Togo. We have developed and launched a Chinese website of Togo Tourism in China to promote our tourism resources in China and let more Chinese people know more about Togo.”

The Chinese Website of Togo Tourism
Last August, Togo Tourism has launched its Chinese website on World Travel Online with the support of China Business Network, thus to open a window for the Chinese people to know more about this famous country with the reputation of “Africa in miniature”.

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