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WTM Vision Conference 2014 focus on the most effective innovations in digital tourism marketing
WTM Vision Conference returned to Shanghai on May 8, 2014, hosted by World Travel Market (WTM), the leading global event for the travel industry, supported by CBN Travel & MICE, part of the China Business Network (CBN) and its awards winning outbound travel portal World Travel Online, was aimed at tourism promotion authorities and senior travel professionals from both China and other parts of the world.

Speakers and panelists at the WTM Vision Conference Shanghai
Dr. Adam Wu, COO of China Business Network introduced the World Travel Market and WTM Vision Conference by sharing his long standing experience of  attending and supporting the WTM for the last 20 years.  He quoted the comment made by the Chairman of CNTA on visiting the WTM "it is really well organised event for travel professionals to gather together for doing business together".
Dr Adam Wu, Chief Operating Officer of China Business Network gave official introduction to World Travel Market and WTM Vision ConferenceWTM Vision Conference Shanghai - Opening with Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director, World Travel Market
Mr. Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director of WTM, delivered the opening speech of the 2014 WTM vision conference Shanghai by saying "it offers unrivalled networking opportunities and an unlimited learning experience focusing on the latest innovations in digital tourism marketing.”
Mr Chen Ping, Director of International Tourism Promotion of Shanghai Tourism Administration made a personal appearance at the conference.The presentations about Digital Tourism Marketing captured audience's attention.
Ms Fangting Sun, Research Analyst of Euromonitor presented the latest findings of Travel & Tourism Industry both in China and worldwide covering inbound and outbound travel from China as well. She also confirmed over 600 million Chinese have direct access online.  That figure will reach over 800 million by 2018, thus, she said "Online travel will continue to post outstanding performances with dynamic growth".
Ms Fangting Sun, Research Analyst of Euromonitor presented the latest findings of Tourism Ms. Stephanie Griffiths, Director of International Development of Future Foundation
Ms. Stephanie Griffiths, Director of International Development of Future Foundation demonstrated the latest trends in digital marketing for travel and tourism. Her hour long presentation focused on "how to adopt the most suitable digital strategies for your business”.   In China, 95% of Chinese consumers put more trust in a company that is active on Weibo. "It’s important to build a good identity on social networks as it is part of you and your friends are there watching most of the time." Stephanie said.
"Consumers across the world are becoming more comfortable making purchases on the internet, and digital travel sales are beginning to mature on a global basis” Stephanie said, “It will bring great opportunities to both tourist boards and tour operators.”
eMarketer develops digital travel sales estimates as a subset of business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce for 19 global markets, and according to our January 2014 forecasts, only three of those markets will still see double-digit growth rates by 2017: China, India and Italy. China’s robust 20% growth rate will be a significant outlier.   Stephanie stated that digital and social media marketing is particularly important for the Chinese travel and tourism industry both inbound and outbound.

Following the presentation a lively discussion took place among a panel consisting  Ms. Beth He, Head of International Business of Ctrip - the China based leading online booking portal; Rocky FU, Vice President for Digital Strategies of Incitez, a Singapore and China based company focusing on digital marketing, and Ms. Yiying Chen, Marketing Director of Spring International Travel Service, the largest independent travel company in China with its own airline, and Stephanie Griffiths, Director of International Development of Future Foundation. 

Panelists(From Left to Right): 
Stephanie Griffiths, Director of International Development of Future Foundation,
Rocky FU, Vice President for Digital Strategies of Incitez, 
Ms. Yiying Chen, Marketing Director of Spring Travel International,
Ms. Beth He, Head of International Business of Ctrip
They shared their opinion and experience with the audience about the dos and dons in using digital media to promote tourism destinations and travel services etc. The panel discussion also centred on the different social media platforms in China such as Weibo and WeChat in China instead Facebook and Twitter.  Some audience asked question if Weibo and Facebook have passed their prime and will be overtaken by WeChat and Twitter.  The most diplomatic answer was "watch out time will tell". 
Chinese tour operators raise the answers actively Networking after the conference
Mr Simon Press concluded the WTM Vision Conference-Shanghai by inviting the delegates to attend or visit the WTM in London on 3 - 6 November 2014. He thanked the team of CBN Travel & MICE as part of China Business Network for organising the WTM Vision Conference China.

The World Travel Online by CBN is the official supporting media of both the World Travel Market and WTM Vision Conference.

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