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BITE2017: Tourism Market Seminar showcases the new business model
Tourism Market Seminar was held on 17 June during the Beijing International Tourism Expo 2017, with the topic of “Formats, Market, Attraction and Destination of Tourism Industry”. VIP speakers of the seminar were many senior officials and representatives from outbound destinations, and some directors from Chinese travel companies. Dr. Adam Wu, CEO of World Travel Online and CBN Travel & MICE hosted the seminar and over 150 people attended the event.
Group photo of Yang Hu - President of China Women Travel Service, Mr. Alí Padrón - Vice Minister of Tourism Venezuela,
Hui Zhong - President of Country Holiday (Beijing) International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
and Dr. Adam Wu - CEO of World Travel Online and CBN Travel&MICE (left to right)
Now, many destinations regard China as the most important source market, and they are going all out to woo Chinese tourists. Mr. Alí Padrón - Vice Minister of Tourism Venezuela said that Venezuela was home to some of South America's most incredible landscapes, and it was very attractive for Chinese tourists. “I hope there will be direct flights between Venezuela and China so as to make it easier for Chinese visitors to come.”He added.
Mr. Alí Padrón, Vice Minister of Tourism Venezuela introduced the tourism resources to Dr. Adam Wu. Tanveer Imam, Head of Bangladesh National Parliament and Dr. Adam Wu talked about cooperation.
Promoting its tourism resources and building its brand awareness in China is the foremost goal for Bangladesh tourism to enter the Chinese outbound travel market. Tanveer Imam, Head of Bangladesh National Parliament told attendees: “Although Bangladesh is a new destination for Chinese, its unique tourism resources will give first-timer a pleasant surprise.” Now it only takes 2.5 hours to fly from Kunming to Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh; and Chinese visitors can apply for the visa on arrival.
Dr. Adam Wu was hosting the discussion section
Speakers were also invited to discuss the tourism market development at the seminar, with the topics have become the breakthrough of the whole industry: the upgrade and reform of original tourism formats, the upgrades of operating mode based on customers' demand, and the development of new market areas including cultural tourism, sports tourism as well as industrial tourism; the traditional methods and new methods to attract tourists that brought by the new technology, the spending preference of new generations and the shift of how people gain new information are interacting with each other; as well as how can we do a better job on tourism destination marketing promotion along with the increasing demand from small groups like families and friends.
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