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Review on 2007 Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF)
Review on 2007 Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF)

The Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF) 2007 organized by Guangzhou Tourism Bureau was held on 30th March – 1st April in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center. For its large-scale and importance, GITF has become a platform for tourism circle to know the markets of Guangzhou, Southern China as well as the whole China. It is also an important platform for exhibitors to introduce their products and services to the world.


Mr. Gu Chaoxi, the deputy director of National Tourism Board cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of GITF 2007

Ms. Wang Xiaoling, the deputy mayor of Guangzhou Tourism Bureau is giving a speech on the opening ceremony of GITF 2007

China Business Network and its unique World Travel Online ( project, invited by the organization committee as an exhibitioner and supportive media, attended the big event. During GITF, many of the senior delegates from both China and foreign countries visited our stands, and China Business Network has established cooperation relationship with some tourism organization and tourism companies.


Lots of travel professionals come to visit the stand of China Business Network and World Travel Online

Ms. Yang Hongyan, the deputy section chief from Guangzhou Tourism Bureau, is talking with Mr. Ding Shan from China Business Network


Mr. Ding Shan from China Business Network is talking with the hosted buyers

The staff from World Travel Online is introducing B2B Travel Trade to the travel Professionals

GITF 2007 brought many professional buyers and decision-makers from tourism board, travel agencies, hotel or hotel management organization, committees, wholesalers of travel service, etc. The area of the fair was divided into national hall and international hall, which was about 16,000 square meters. There were nearly 600 stands from over 37 countries and regions, including UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Finland, France, Austria, Russia, Egypt, Mauritius, South Africa, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Cuba, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Macao Special Administration Regions, etc.


The attractive stand of Spain

The attractive stand of Germany


The attractive stand of Malaysia

The attractive stand of Philippines

All the exhibitors regard this event as a good chance to introduce their service to both professionals as well as to the Chinese public. Some of the exhibitors has arranged folk and culture performances in the front of the stands to promote the uniqueness of their countries and companies, such as Canada, Egypt, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Korea and Japan, etc. Lots of visitors were attracted and stopped to watch the performances and took an interest in their tourism resources.


Interesting performance at the stand of Canada

Wonderful belly dance at the stand of Egypt

To encourage the exhibitors’ participation of GITF 2008, the organization committee awarded “Best Supporters”, “Best Stands” and “Excellent Stands” to the exhibitors such as Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao etc.



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