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Chinese envoy urges Uganda to target Chinese tourists
The Chinese Ambassador in Uganda has proposed that the Uganda government aggressively market the East African country as a tourism destination for Chinese tourists.
Zheng Zhuqiang told Xinhua in a recent interview that the ministry of tourism needs to promote and market in China through expos and trade fairs to attract more Chinese tourist.
He said that every year the Chinese main cities including the capital Beijing have tourism expos and trade fairs which Uganda should exploit.
“Uganda should not only invite the Chinese agencies [travel and tour] to come here. But they need to go to China to participate in the tourism expos and exhibitions in main cities across China to attract Chinese tourists. They need to produce promotional videos that market the tourist products in China,” he said.
Uganda targets to get at least one million tourists from the world’s largest outbound tourist nation.
Zheng said Uganda should also consider opening offices in China and place officers as other African countries have done to promote the sources of tourism and the country’s potentials.
Some 10 percent of Chinese outbound tourists visit African continent every year. Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are their most preferred destinations due to their aggressive marketing strategies.
The ambassador said Ugandan tour and travel agencies should also create partnerships with Chinese travel agencies to promote the available opportunities to attract more Chinese tourists.
“The Chinese people when they want to go to a particular country, they contact and rely on the tourist agencies,” said Zheng.
Tourism is Uganda’s leading foreign exchange earner, generating an annual 1.35 billion U.S dollars.
  Source: News Ghana

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