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Chinese KOL and media companies were invited to take a fam trip to Sharjah
Invited by Sharjah Tourism Authority, over 10 Chinese KOLs and media companies recently participated in a familiarization trip to Sharjah from 14 to 18, Dec.
Invited by Sharjah Tourism Authority, over 10 Chinese KOLs and media companies recently participated in a familiarization trip to Sharjah, witnessing the historical moment of the F1 H2O U.I.M World Championship, as well as visiting a selection of highlighted attractions in Sharjah from 14 to 18, December.
Chinese delegation visited Heart of Sharjah, one of the must-see attractions in Sharjah.
The final round of the 2017 UIM F1H2O World Championship was held at the Khalid Lagoon, Sharjah on 15 December, and the Chinese delegation was lucky to witness the fantastic race and the team member of Chinese Tianrong Sports – Mr. Philippe Chiappe made the podium as the 2nd place of the f1h2o championship.
“The race is very exciting and we were proud and excited to see that the Chinese team achieve an excellent result in the Championship,” said one of the delegates.
The delegation was excited to take photo with Philippe Chiappe.
In addition, Chinese delegation also visited many attractions: Islamic Civilization Museum, Al Noor Island, Heart of Sharjah, Maritime Museum, Old Cars Museum, Central Market, Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences, as well as Mleiha, and so on.
The delegation was amazed at the elaborated decoration of the Islamic Civilization Museum,
where visitors can explore more than five thousand exquisite Islamic artifacts from all over the Islamic World.
In order to get a better understanding of Arabian culture, the Chinese media delegation went to a Arabian restaurant to enjoy its delicious meal, reached the Al Jabail Market to witness the traditional fish trade, and visited a local family to get a depth knowledge of their local life.
During a trip to the local house, Chinese delegates experienced the unique Arabian culture by wearing traditional custome, enjoying local family culinary. 
Amber Gao, Head of Asian Market of Sharjah Tourism Authority, said that this trip organized for Chinese KOL and media companies would help to promote Sharjah tourism in China, and Chinese tourists would know more about Sharjah through their news coverage in website and amazing posts on social media platforms.
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