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Robinson Crusoe Island, paradise in the middle of the Pacific
The Chilean government renamed the location Robinson Crusoe Island to reflect literary lore of the fictinal named Robinson Crusoe. Aside from the historical wealth this Island holds, it is a site of international natural importance, which is worth visiting.
Located 670 km from Valparaiso, the Robinson Crusoe Island offers a series of submarine, ecotourism and outdoor activities all year round.
The Robinson Crusoe Island destination is a part of The Route of the Islands, programmed and edited by Sernatur, together with other 7 Chile Routes. The objective of these routes is to signalize and facilitate the journey of visitors who come to enjoy places of great scenic beauty and cultural value, either on foot or by car.
Aside from the historical wealth this destination holds, it is a site of international natural importance. There are 215 species of native flora, where 130 are endemic to the insular eco systems.
It does not house a great number of animal species, but there are some unique to this archipelago, such as the Robinson Crusoe Hummingbird and the Two-haired Sea Lion. The three main islands were declared a National Park and a Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco. The island is an ideal place for trekking, land and submarine photography, snorkeling, and diving in one of the waters with best visibility in Chile (over 20 meters), with abundant marine life. Surf and stand up paddle are other activities practiced here.
Another of its highlights is its gastronomy, starring the Robinson Crusoe Lobster and the Juan Fernandez Octopus, sea urchin and fishes such as the vidriola, grouper, breca and the pompano. Embarkations with small kitchenettes offer tourists the opportunity to fish for their own food and prepare it immediately on the boat. Eating this fresh is impossible!
The lobster is the most important marine product. To learn about its growing process, you must have an early start and accompany the fishermen to check out their lobster traps and fish for bait.
There are no trails for vehicles, so everything must be done on foot or horseback riding. It is recommended to do these trails with local guides, because many of them have very pronounced slopes.
Starting off from the town of San Juan Bautista you can take the following circuits: Mirador Salsipuedes, Mirador de Selkirk, Cerro Centinela, Plazoleta El Yunque, Punta de Isla, Puerto Frances, as well as Puerto Vaqueria-Puerto Ingles (for which hiring navigation is necessary).
The Submarine circuit combines a 17 km land trail and another 500 meter submarine one, being the only sub aquatic route in the Chile Trail Routes. For this last circuit, hiring a certified guide is necessary.
Before traveling it is important to inform yourself about the weather conditions, the type of clothing you will need during your stay and take your personal medication. There are 2 airlines that reach the island throughout the year, subject to the weather conditions of the moment. The flight from the Tobalaba Aerodrome takes 2 hours and a half approximately. After arrival, passengers are transferred on a boat towards the town of San Juan Bautista, taking about an hour and 15 minutes.
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  Source: Turismo Chile

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