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FITUR 2013 Brings Together the International Tourist Industry
The new forum devoted to China Tourism-inbound and outbound will constitute the main new features at the FITUR2013
During its thirty-third staging, FITUR, the International Tourism Trade Fair, which is due to take place between 30th January and 3rd February 2013 at Feria de Madrid, will bring together more than 9,500 companies representing 167 countries and regions, as well as all of the Spanish regions. This event, which is organised by IFEMA, kicks off the international fair calendar for the year, thus enabling tourism professionals from all over the world to establish the foundations of their business strategies for the year, whilst also gauging the current situation within an industry that is constantly evolving. In effect, according to figures furnished by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), there were 1,000 million travellers throughout the world in 2012 (4% more than in 2011), who generated more than 3,000 million dollars in exports.

The participation figures at FITUR 2013, which will incorporate one hundred new companies on this occasion, provide the best proof of the favourable climate within the worldwide tourist industry at present, an industry that continues to serve as one of the main sources of development in many nations.

China Tourism Forum
With China having become a driving force of the travel and tourism industry worldwide, it is no surprise that participants of any major travel exhibitions are keen on learning more about "China Tourism" both inbound and outbound.

Therefore, FITUR 2013 presents exhibitors and trade visitors with a special forum called "China Tourism – Inbound and Outbound" where senior tourism officials will be able to present the latest development of tourism to and from China to senior travel professionals worldwide. Industrial experts will be sharing their expertise and experience in sending visitors to and attracting visitors from China as well as the huge spending power of the Chinese visitors with numbers growing to over 80 million in 2012.

Two New Areas of Business
With a view to boosting tourism business, FITUR has incorporated two important new features. First of all, the fair will present the forum known as FITUR KNOWHOW & EXPORT, a unique initiative on the international scene that seeks to add value to the business dealings and innovative activities of the industry's companies. The second new feature at FITUR on this occasion consists of the section known as Wine-Based Tourism Accommodation, which will bring together a wide selection of hotels specialising in wine-based tourism. This segment, whose activities revolve around the world of wine, offers considerable growth potential, based on a balance between culture, the environment and wine and culinary opportunities, all of which make wine destinations highly attractive options.

Both sections, which will feature the participation of nearly fifty companies, will be presented at the fair for the first time, offering an important value-added dimension to the event and helping to promote the Spain brand, precisely at a time in which Spain is consolidating its ranking as the fourth most important tourist destination in the world, based on some favourable figures in 2012, namely 58.1 million foreign tourist arrivals.

During the staging of the fair, FITUR will once again rely on its workshop formula, which has produced highly favourable results at previous events, proving to be an effective tool when it comes to facilitating business meetings between tourist companies and foreign buyers, especially in two fast-expanding markets such as those of Africa and the Americas.

In this respect, we might mention INVESTOUR Africa (31st January), a forum organised in conjunction with Casa Africa and the UNWTO. During the fourth staging of this event, participants will be introduced to a series of African tourism projects, with a view to promoting a sustainable tourism model that generates opportunities for businessmen and potential Spanish investors. Spanish companies are, thus, able to gain access to this interesting market, either through investment or by contributing their tourism management know-how. On this occasion, the guest countries will come from East and Central Africa, encompassed within the regional blocs known as EAC (The East African Community) and CAEMC (The Central African Economic and Monetary Community).

Monographic Forums
FITUR will also feature a series of monographic sections, with their corresponding exhibition areas and/or conference programmes, all of which cater for the growing development and specialisation of the tourist market. In this sense, FITURGREEN, which is organised in conjunction with the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH) and in collaboration with the UNWTO and the Madrid Tourist Board, focuses on energy-saving and efficiency measures within the realm of hotel management. Within the framework of its conferences, FITURGREEN will tackle aspects such as the following: energy service companies and the hotel industry; the profitability of energy certification for hotels; and practical case studies as the best means of selling a sustainable hotel.

The third consecutive staging of FITUR LGBT, which is promoted by Diversity Consulting, caters for a segment that represents 10% of the tourist market throughout the world and 15% of overall tourist expenditure. This section will present some of the key recommendations that will enable professionals to enter or adapt to this market.

Alongside these sections, the International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR, will also present RECEPTIVO ESPAÑA, a monographic section that seeks to boost a clearly growing tourist segment.
A Forum for Analysis and Debate
FITUR offers an enviable forum for analysis and debate regarding the current situation within the world tourist industry, enabling professionals to not only establish contacts and plan their trade strategies, but also gain an accurate idea of the latest trends and developments. The specific conference programmes organised by the monographic sections outlined above will be complemented by a series of important meetings, including the following: those organised by the UNWTO, especially in relation to accessibility within the field of tourism, in collaboration with the National Organisation for the Blind in Spain, ONCE; Turespaña's presentation of the Strategic Marketing Plan for different geographical areas; the China Tourism Forum, organised by the China BN Network; and the Fifth National Business Travel Congress, organised by the Iberian Business Travel Association (IBTA).

Furthermore, as is customary on the day before the inauguration of FITUR, the Twenty-Sixth Latin American Conference of Tourism Ministers and Businessmen, CIMET, will take place on 29th January, bringing together tourism professionals and representatives from this continent.

In addition, during the course of the fair, the decisions will be announced for the Best Stand Competition, encompassing all of its different categories (Spanish Bodies, International Bodies and Companies). The winners will also be announced for the Best Active Tourism Product, encompassing the Nature-Based Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Cultural Tourism and International categories. We will also discover the winners of the FITUR Jorge Vila Fradera Forum, which recognises the best pieces of academic research carried out within the field of tourism.

FITUR 2013 will take place between 30th January and 3rd February, setting aside its first three days (30th January to 1st February) exclusively for tourism professionals (based on a timetable of 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.). The fair will open its doors to the general public on the weekend (Saturday 2nd February from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and Sunday 3rd from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.).
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