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China Tourism Forum will be held at FITUR 2013
China Tourism Forum will hold from 3pm on 30th in January,it focuses on "China Tourism" both inbound and outbound.
From 3pm on 30th  in room A 6.01 at the first floor of Hall 6

With China having become a driving force of the travel and tourism industry worldwide, it is no surprise that participants of any major travel exhibitions are keen on learning more about "China Tourism" both inbound and outbound.

Therefore, FITUR 2013 presents exhibitors and trade visitors with a special forum called "China Tourism – Inbound and Outbound" where senior tourism officials will be able to present the latest development of tourism to and from China to senior travel professionals worldwide. Industrial experts will be sharing their expertise and experience in sending visitors to and attracting visitors from China as well as the huge spending power of the Chinese visitors with numbers growing to over 80 million in 2012.

The first session starts at 3pm focuses on inbound to China. Once the session is over those interested in outbound will stay for networking prior to the second session which will focus on outbound from China.

The outbound session will be more devoted to sharing experience on how to reach the outbound travel trade and how to cater for Chinese visitors that has proven to be very hot topic and hugely popular among many foreign tour operators, tourist attractions, shopping venues etc. as well as tourism promotion authorities

Audience: tourism promotion authorities, tour operators, tourist attractions, shopping venues etc. as well as and travel businesses that wish to attract visitors from China.

Invitation to China Tourism Forum

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