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Galicia Tourist Board will take part in 2012 Guangzhou International Travel Fair
Galicia as a destination will be promoted at the Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF).Stand 6A09/1. The top products can be considered as unique to Galicia.
Galicia as a destination will be promoted at the Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF). Stand 6A09/1


Ten are the top products that Galicia proposes to help sell tourist resources and services from the region, under the tourism brand slogan Galicia, can you keep my secret?

The products will be promoted at the Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF) on the Spanish Tourist Office Stand.

After the presentation – in December 2010 – of the first tourism brand slogan in Galicia and its launching, was introduced into the markets with two nationwide advertising campaigns and other promotional activities held over the first half of 2011. TURGALICIA, as part of the positioning strategy for Galician tourism, has maintained the configuration of a new range of tourist products and packages as a priority to promote the sale of tourist resources from Galicia in an original way and linked to the identity Galicia wishes to project.

The top products can be considered as unique to Galicia, in such a way that they enable the differentiation of the resources from competitors while at the same time including the main Galician tourist services.

The Pilgrims’ Road to Santiago is considered the star product in Galicia and TURGALICIA will maintain its promotion, enriched with proposals such as the Iacobus Voucher.

Through Lighthouses and Wild Beaches, coastal tourism will be promoted, while Magical Sanctuaries will focus on the region’s rural patrimony, cultural and religious, both material and immaterial.

The Camellia Route seeks promoting Galician gardens, its buildings and gardens, while Sea-Fishing Tourism does the same with the Galicia’s old time’s relationship with the sea.

The tourist product Fountains of Galicia, promotes the wellness tourism, where Galicia has a unique offer in Spain, and Strolling through Vineyards includes the resources related to winegrowing in the region.

Forests of Galicia will promote the natural resources of Galicia through its natural parks and Hidden Heritage refers to the monasteries, stone crosses, forts and other characteristic assets located throughout Galicia that will highlight communication as a brand.

Finally, Unique Places make the most of the tourist resources that place Galicia in a privileged position in both Spain and abroad, such as the region’s World Heritage Sites.

Relevant News in Chinese: 加利西亚旅游局参展2012GITF 带来十大独特旅游产品
  Source: Galicia Tourist Board

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