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The World Travel Fair 2010 called a success

The World Travel Fair 2010, which is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and VNU Exhibition Europe, and co-organized by VNU Exhibitions Asia and Shanghai International Conference Management Organization, has now come to an end.

The opening ceremony of WTF

As a 3-day's show, WTF 2010 is divided into professional/ Press and Public days. Compared with previous years, there was a dramatic increase on the recruitment of exhibitors and visitors. 450 joint exhibitors, who from 50 countries and regions, showcased their business booths with diverse characters to display the concept of diversified and depth tourism.

During the exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee has even set up an "Expo Experience Zone" for the World Expo 2010. Exhibitors from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Tourism Bureau, attractions and travel agencies have brought their World Expo related travel products.

According to the organizing committee's statistics, the three-day exhibition attracted 6000 professional visitors and buyers to participant on-site Match Making, Hosted Buyer program. In addition, there were dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as Bayer, General Electric, SAIC, Unilever, Siemens, Samsung came to the show for their business seek.

In terms of Public days, more than 70,000 Yuan of on-site trade products attracts major attention. Nearly 15,000 travel enthusiasts come to consult the information of the latest and most popular travel products. According to statistics, it reached 5,160,000 Yuan turnover, up 2.38% over than last year.

Meanwhile, as one of the associate events of WTF2010, 2010 WTF Awards announced at the opening night. With the principle of "Just, Fair, and Open", 2010 WTF Awards work with modified the evaluation measure. Combining public review with professional accreditation, 2010 WTF Awards delivered awards with improved public reputation and professional market influence.

Furthermore, the Fourth OTF Outbound Tourism Forum also was held on May 28 at Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Regarding the topic of Chinese outbound tourism market in after Expo time, attendees and keynote speakers expanded a lively discussion. And, the exclusive released "the Yangtze River Delta in China Outbound Tourism Market Report III"provided detailed analysis on timely industry and dynamic market.

WTF has become a one of the most popular annual event in tourism market in Yangtze River Delta region. It not only provides a high-quality platform for tourism resources, and provides excellent travel services for travelers. So, Let us look forward to 2011 WTF.

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