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Joint Presentation by Caribbean Destinations at COTTM 2010 Welcome Chinese to the Exotic and “Hot” Destination
During China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM2010), a joint presentation was delivered by the Caribbean exhibitors on April 29th, which will be a good step to develop the Chinese tourism to their tropical destinations.

On April 29th the joint presentation delivered by the Caribbean exhibitors became the focus of the attendance of the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM2010).

Mr. Ernest Littles (speaking), President & Director of Tourism from Trinidad & Tobago; Mr. David
Shields (L2),Vice Director of Jamaica Tourism Board; Dr. Fulford (R2),Chairman of the
Board of Turks & Caicos Tourist Board; Mr Colin James (R1),CEO of
Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority delivered presentation of each of the destinations

This is the first time that Caribbean countries came to COTTM as a joint Pavilion with the support of CBN and WTO to promote the Caribbean as a combined destinations to the outbound travel trade in China. The joint participation and high visibility during this fair, which is the most important B2B and outbound only travel exhibition in China, will be a good step in developing the Chinese outbound travel to their tropical destinations.

"The Caribbean region is home to the 'world's happiest people', and we have beautiful natural resources and cultural landscapes,” said Mr David Shields, Deputy Director of Jamaica Tourist Board.  “Having witnessed China's outbound tourism market vitality and huge potential, we are confident in our ability to attract more Chinese tourists to Jamaica.”

Since the Beijing Olympic, Usain Bolt has become a symbol of Jamaica and many Chinese are eagerly looking for information about Jamaica. “We want to tell Chinese visitors that we have more to offer than blue mountain coffee, and that we also have the House of Flemming, the father of 007 novels and films, Reggae Music and many more things for visitors to enjoy.”


Mr. David Shields was delivering a speech

Caribbean delegates joining other VIPs attending the opening ceremony of COTTM

"Trinidad and Tobago is the Caribbean's richest country.” Mr. Ernest Littles, President & Director of Tourism TDC expressed. “We keep attracting foreign investment but are also developing eco-tourism, to balance the two. In this way, not only enjoy can you enjoy modern development, but also experience the best of nature's beautiful scenery and wonderful hospitality of Trinidad and Tobago.

It was the first time that Mr Colin James, CEO of Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority led the delegation from Antigua and Barbuda to attend the COTTM. He expressed his excitement and indicated that there had been more and more Chinese visitors to Antigua and Barbuda thus, they intend on developing the Chinese market even further. “There are more than 300 islands in the country, almost one for each day of the year. The country is also one of the world's most attractive destination for weddings and honeymoons. “

Mr Higgs, the Director of tourism of Turks & Caicos Tourist Board presented the destination

Mr Colin James CEO of Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority delivered presentation

This was also the first time for Dr H. Fulford, Chairman of  Turks & Caicos Tourist Board, to China. He expressed "most Chinese may not have visited Turks & Caicos however, we learnt at the opening of the COTTM, China outbound travel has a huge potential and that’s why we are here.” He expressed his hope that more Chinese people will know about his country and wish to visit Turks and Caicos. This believe was shared by Mr Higgs, the Director of Tourism of Turks & Caicos Tourist Board who witness the fastest growing outbound travel from China even in between his previous visit to China thus, believe with more convenient airlifting from China to North American and European gateways more Chinese visitors will find their way to Turks & Caicos.   Mr. Higgs also encouraged Chinese tour operators to consider charter flights directly to the Caribbean.

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