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Foreign Operators Rush to Grab China Travel Market
Foreign Operators Rush to Grab China Travel Market

In the ongoing global financial crisis China, with its large travel market, has become a target destination for foreign travel service providers looking for business.

According to Chinese media, foreign airlines are busy reducing their airfares in Chinese market to attract more clients. For example United Airlines not only offers discounted air tickets for online bookers, but is also promoting "buy one get one free" deals for business class tickets in addition to its normal mileage awards. In addition British Airways and the British Tourist Authority have also jointly launched special ticket prices targeting the Chinese market.

As well as airlines, travel service providers and hotels are cutting prices for outbound travel. It is understood that after the Spring Festival, the cost for European travel declined by about 10%, which has prompted many savvy Chinese tourists to travel after the Chinese New Year. At the same time, the prices for trips to Southeast Asia, which is the premier travel destination for Chinese tourists, have decreased by 20%-30%.

In addition to price cuts, each country is ramping up the marketing of their tourism resources to grab a share of the Chinese market. For example, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has taken a series of measures to enhance its tourism advertising in the hope of eliminating the effect of the country's political turmoil by inviting media representatives from eight regions in China to visit Thailand.


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