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BITTM joining forces with China Business Network and
BITTM joining forces with China Business Network and
To increase the profile of the forthcoming Beijing International Travel and Tourism Market (BITTM) and to reach many more outbound tour operators and corporate travel organisers in China that are sending the largest number of Chinese travellers abroad, BITTM has joined forces with the China Business Network to provide participating tourism authorities and travel companies with additional value-added services.

China Business Network is a business consortium specialising in business consulting and targeted marketing services for the largest number of Chinese and foreign enterprises as well as other organisations. CBN London Office focuses on providing foreign tourism authorities and travel businesses with specialised consulting services and targeted marketing activities using specialised and the most prominent online projects on the China Wide Web i.e. or which is developed specifically for the outbound travel from China.

China Wide Web is a nation-wide on-line information service based in Chinese language, utilising the state of art Internet and Intranet technology to deliver targeted subscribers the sought-after information and exclusive market intelligence. Indeed, China Wide Web is much more than the equivalent to or the extension of the World Wide Web but based in Chinese. It is important to realise that not only are computers in China loaded with Chinese operating systems but also the majority of Chinese people even seasoned travellers can only or prefer using the Chinese language. Moreover, the same written Chinese solves the problem of many different spoken dialects such as Cantonese because Chinese people in all parts of China understand the same written characters. is the English demo Home Page of Http:// on the China Wide Web, which was the first and remains the largest one-stop travel information resource on the China Wide Web for the outbound travel trade and Chinese nationals wishing to abroad. The project has been jointly undertaken by the China Business Network and China Telecom together with Zhong Shang Information and Consulting Services. The Web site provides information in Chinese language on: the latest Government regulations about going abroad, procedure of getting passport and the necessary visas, local custom and living conditions and the best travel arrangement, most importantly recommended destinations, accommodation or incoming service providers etc..

CBN provide foreign tourism organisations and travel companies with complete value-added services that include:
 • Creatively designing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive web site or a number of web pages in Chinese on the China Wide Web.
 • Using the translated materials to design and print a sufficient number of high quality brochures in China that will be delivered to your stand in time for the BITTM
 • Providing your potential customers with direct access to your Chinese web pages via clearly categorized destination or section headings.
 • Providing a direct hyper-text link from your Chinese Web pages to your Web site on the WWW so that your Web site is not lost in the Internet jungle any more
 • Email your information in Chinese directly to the senior decision-makers of all the corporate travel organisers and outbound tour operators.
 • Indexing and meta-tagging key words related to your destination and what you do in Chinese search engines and throughout the China Wide Web.
 • Other assistance in furthering business contacts with interested Chinese travel companies and corporate travel organisers as Well as the actual travel groups.

As one can easily realise these are the necessary value-added services that not only provide foreign tourism authorities and travel companies with the most efficient marketing medium to reach the entire outbound travel trade and to find the most suitable business partners and also to provide foreign companies with the necessary sales supports on the continuous basis. As a matter of fact, the or function as the natural extension of BITTM in a virtual format which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and throughout China.

For immediate support prior to the exhibition or any further information please email: or contact China Business Network London Office on Tel: +44 (0) 207 5363 888 Fax: +44 (0) 207 9873 888


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