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2013 South American Roadshow was Successfully Held in China
With the great support of China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online, 2013 South American Roadshow jointly hosted by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, was successfully held in Guangzhou on 28th, Beijing on 30th October and Shanghai on 1st November.
 The huge success of the South American Roadshow made everyone's face shining with smiles
With the great support of China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online, 2013 South American Roadshow successfully took place in Guangzhou on 28th, Beijing on 30th October and Shanghai on 1st December. It is the third time the major South American countries, including Argentina, BrasilChile, Colombia, Uruguay and  Venezuela, to jointly organize the grand events. Ambassadors, consular officials and representatives of tourism boards from the six South American countries accompanied with 26 local incoming providers attended this event which attracted over 230 travel trade professionals and Medias in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai respectively.
H.E. Mrs. Rosario Portell,
Ambassador of Uruguay to China
delivered a welcome speech to Chinese Audience.
The South American Roadshow
attracted lots of Chinese travel professionals
and Medias in Guangzhou.

H.E. Mrs. Rosario Portell, Ambassador of Uruguay to China and Ms. Carmenza Jaramillo, H.E. Ms. Carmenza Jaramillo, ambassador of Columbia to China, as well as the consular officials and commercial counselor from the six South American countries presented themselves on the scene, reflecting that South American tourism attaches importance to China tourism market.

INATUR Venezuela
Mr. Jose Rivas
Ministerio de Turismo de Uruguay
Ms. Maria Soledad Viera
Proexport Colombia
Mr. Oscar Felipe Rueda Plata

Mr. Jose Rivas from INATUR Venezuela and Ms. Maria Soledad Viera from Tourism Ministry of Uruguay introduced the tourism resources and products of Venezuela and Uruguay in details. Mr. Oscar Felipe Rueda Plata, the official of Proexport Colombia delivered an exciting speech by his fluent mandarin attracting all the audiences’ attention and continuous applause.

Chile Turismo
Mr. Juan Lopez
Brasil Embratur
Mr. Marcus Sasse
Argentina Inprotur
Mr. Maximiliano Fiameni
Mr. Juan Lopez, Long Haul Market Manager of Chile Turismo, Mr. Marcus Sasse, an official of Brasil Embratur, and Mr. Maximiliano Fiameni, marketing manager of Argentina Inprotur presented that the three countries has rich tourism resources and culture diversify so that Chinese tour operators know more about South American Tourism.
The Chinese audiences attended the Q&A actively.

The special Q&A activity pushed the event to the climax. The audiences have learned South American tourism carefully through this event. It is proved that the huge potential of South American tourism market is paramount attractive to Chinese.
1.Argentina brought the beautiful brochure to the audience; 2. Brazilian football became popular gifts;
 3. Winners were very happy to get the local wine from Chile; 4. Various gifts from Colombia;
 5. The representative of Ministerio de Turismo de Uruguay gave the gift by herself;
6、Featured gifts from Venezuela
Brazilian football, Chilean wine, beautiful brochure of Argentina and fantastic gifts from Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay brought the South American passion to all Chinese friends. As the host country of 2014 World Cup, Brazil undoubtedly becomes one of the most popular tourism destinations for Chinese visitors, thus the footballs as the gifts of Embratur were very popular with the audiences.
Chinese tour operators communicated with the South American incoming providers in Beijing.

The well organized B2B workshop for the local Chinese travel companies and the South American incoming providers generated good business cooperation through the effective and interactive face to face meetings.
B2B workshop crowded in Shanghai.
The amazing roadshow ended with the featured cocktail dinner hosted by the South American countries, creating a delightful business atmosphere as well.
Delicious South American snacks at the cocktail dinner.

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