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2011 South American Roadshow was Successfully Held in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing
The South American Roadshow jointly organized by INPROTUR, Chile Tourism Board, Promperu and Proexport Colombia successfully ended up in Beijing on 28th October 2011. More than 500 interested Chinese tour operators and 45 Medias attended.
With the great support of China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online, the South American Roadshow successfully took place in Guangzhou on 24th, Shanghai on 26th and Beijing on 28th October. At the first time, the South American Roadshow was jointly organized by INPROTUR, Chile Tourism Board, Proexport Colombia and Promperu , which put the huge enthusiasm and promotion in China and attracted the strong interests of over 500 Chinese tour operators and 45 Medias attended.

The huge success of the South American Roadshow, makes everyone's face shine with smiles
Four Countries Snapping Up Chinese Outbound Travel Market with the Powerful Solutions

Through the impressive presentation and lively video demonstration, Chinese tour operators were deeply attracted by the diversity of the South America tourism resource and they affirmed the broad market prospects in the Chinese outbound tavel market. Meanwhile, four South American countries also brought the latest and many efficient solutions to visa and flight connection, etc. which gives an idea that the South America is no more far to China.

Lic Mariano Vila
Chlie Tourism Board
Carolina Valenzuela
Proexport Colombia
Alejandro Ossa Cárdenas
Rosana Guinea Higueras

Mr. Lic. Mariano Vila, from INPROTUR, introduced that, “Chinese tourists travel to Argentina via an Approved Destination Status (ADS) group mainly and it is convenient to make a visa interview in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.” The data shows that at the first 11 months of 2010, Argentina received 16,000 Chinese tourists growing by 20 percent from the previous year. To maintain and promote this advantage, Argentina last year launched the Chinese Website () which contains the practical and comprehensive information. For the airline route, “It is possible to bring Chinese tourists to Argentina via Australia next year as planned,” said Oscar Cilli, from Aerolineas Argentina. 
Ms. Carolina Valenzuela, from Chile Tourism Board, indicated that, "The application for Chile visa can be completed within just 10-15 working days. Tourists are able to apply for visa via the designated travel operators in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Chile also accepts 2-3 people as the ADS group." In fact, "There was a rapid growth of Chinese tourists visiting Chile from last year and the number of Chinese tourists increased from 3,000 to 7,000 from January to October this year", said Ms. Carolina. Therefore, she believes that the newly launched Chinese Website, , and this roadshow will help them penetrate the Chinese outbound travel market deeply.
During the roadshow, Mr. Alejandro Ossa Cárdenas, from Proexport Colombia, also announced the Chinese Website, on-line aiming to keep the interests of Chinese tourists continuing the roadshow. Mr. Ossa also introduced that, "In addition to Beijing and Hong Kong, we also planned to set up the office in Shanghai in the near future to facilitate the visa process. The designated Chinese tour operators can be implemented early next year which would be more convenient for Chinese visitors."
In aspect of Peru, Ms. Rosana Guinea Higueras, from Promperu said: "The visa interview for either ADS group or Individual Visitors can be completed in Beijing and Shanghai. The newly launched Chinese Website of Promperu, , shows the beauty of Peruvian attractions, historical sites and culture." For a quick flight connection to Peru, the Delta Airline introduced the routes such as from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou via Atlanta / Detroit in USA and then to South American countries, which no need for the transit visa and plus the route is shorter, cheaper and faster."
As the supporter of this roadshow, Dr. Adam Wu, Chief Operating Officer of China Business Network (CBN) delivered an important training before the roadshow in order to help the travel companies from the four South American countries to penetrate the Chinese travel market efficiently. With his profound understanding and rich experience on Chinese outbound market, Dr. Adam Wu gave the speech on “How to successfully reach and deal with Chinese outbound travel trade". This useful speech gets the applause from the trade partners and they trust that they are much better prepared on how to communicate with Chinese tour operators during the roadshow and also learn how to deal with Chinese visitors afterwards.
The roadshow was honored with the visit of VIP attendants in Beijing
The B2B Workshop Warms Up the Interaction and Makes a Good Business Cooperation

The well organized B2B workshop for the local Chinese travel companies and the South American incoming providers generated a good business cooperation through the effective and interactive face to face meetings.
B2B workshop crowded in Shanghai 

With a strong recognition to the roadshow, Ms. Zhou Yinglan, vice president of Shanghai Shihua International Travel Service, said: "We are very interested and confident for promoting the South American travel program in Shanghai market. Thanks to World Travel Online can often organize so worthwhile activities and this time I bring my team here aiming to strengthen the professional capability of these young operators."
Ms. Yan Su, vice president of Beijing East Century International Travel held the same view, "The South America tourism has its huge potentiality and the attractiveness to Chinese tourists. We definitely need such a promotion interacting with the tour operators from South American countries face to face."
An effective interactivity at B2B workshop in Guangzhou
The rich and featured cocktail dinner hosted by 4 countries made a delightful business atmosphere during the roadshow. The special lucky draw activity gave out the big prize - free round trip travel to these four South American countries, for the lucky ones to experience and observe those unique destinations. 
The roadshow was also in support with the Embassies of these four countries. H.E. Gustavo Martino, the ambassador of Argentina in China, and H.E. Luis Schmidt Montes, the ambassador of Chile in China, attended the roadshow in Beijing. 
Given the prediction from UNWTO that the total number of outbound visitors from China may reach 90 million by 2013 and then 100 million by 2015, South America will be benefited by the rapid increase of Chinese visitors.

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