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The 4th Chile Tourism Webinar was Successfully Held in China
Following the success of the first three phases of webinar training programs, the 4th Chile Tourism Webinar was held on December 24th and 26th at the strong request of Chinese tour operators. Welcome to watch the 4th Chile Tourism Webinar at http://Chile./4th_Webinar.
Mr. Juan López, China Market Manager of Turismo Chile, listed 5 reasons that “why should Chinese visit Chile” in his address: 1. Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, and its unique flowers in the desert; 2. Patagonia, the 3rd biggest glacier land in the world; 3. Chilean wine routes -- Carmenere can only be found in Chile; 4. Five World Cultural Heritages: Easter Island, Churches of Chiloé, Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaíso, Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works, and Sewell Mining Town; 5. Mummies, 2000 years older than those found in Egypt. “Chile is that the country has the most comprehensive archaeological landscape”, Mr. Juan López invited visitors to explore Chile in the webinar training program.

Mr. Juan López, China Market Manager of Turismo Chile is delivering a welcome speech
Turismo Chile has been cooperating with World Travel Online for a long time, with whom in charge of the planning and transcribing of Chile Tourism Webinars for the first three phases of webinars. This webinar presented the magnificent and unique natural landscape, the exciting and adventurous sports, the world-class wine and travel tips including visa and flights information in Chile. At the Q&A section, some lucky participants received the famous Chilean wine as gifts. Besides, it offered the Chinese tour operators opportunities to join the Fam Trip to Chile for free. However, it is not enough to show all the attractions in Chile during the one-hour webinar training. Visitors from all over the world are welcomed to experience and enjoy this charming land.
Fang Ming, Overseas Department Manager of Wuhan Chunqiu International Travel Service:
This webinar was rich in content. It introduced Chile’s tourism features and resources in one hour, and it’s a great help for tour operators to get a comprehensive knowledge of Chile. I hope some targeted tour products and itineraries can be added into the future webinars, introducing suitable products to various visitors.
Dan Wang from Guilin Street Sales Department Manager and Qianqian Lin from Customer Service Department ofLiaoning Comfort International Travel Service: Compared to the last webinar, it was more comprehensive and more profound. The questions raised were more targeted and more interesting that helped us concentrate on it, therefore, we got a deeper understanding of Chile. We need to contact with clients directly, it will help us make a clear explanation to them. We expect some detailed itineraries in next webinar, for example, some targeting at high-end tour groups as they would prefer unique and comfortable tour experience.
Liang Xu from Overseas Department of Foshan CITS: I like reading the news on World Travel Online usually. The webinar is of a very flexible and helpful training form, which gave me a more in-depth understanding of Chile. We began to arrange South American tours from 2009, and Chile is one of the main destinations that our clients would like to visit. We need to design in-depth travel itineraries for different kinds of clients, and we would like to attend more webinars to know more information, so as to offer better service to our clients.
Jun Dong, General Manager from Overseas Center of Shenzhen Pengyun International Travel Service: We are very concerned about the news released on World Travel Online every week, and our staff also forwards the news to others. We always valued the Chile tourism webinar and organized all staff to watch the former webinars. Our staff in Marketing Department, Online Sales Center and South America Operation Center attended this webinar, and they said they got a deeper understanding of Chile. We hope the future webinars can add some more detailed information, such as introductions of hotels, flights and attractions. We also expect some awards to those active participators. In this way, our operators and marketing staffers can better promote Chile tourism.

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