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The First Webinar of Discover Chile was held Successfully in China
Chile Tourism Webinar of Discover Chile was presented successfully on June 6th and 8th in China. This online training program gave a comprehensive introduction to the rich tourism resources of Chile. It attracted more than 600 Chinese travel trade professionals to learn about Chile and to develop outbound program to send more and more Chinese visiting Chile. The webinar was hosted by Chile Tourism Board and co-organised and produced by China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online (WTO).
According to the official data, the number of Chinese tourists travelled to South America has sharply increased about 15% in 2011. Chinese visitors increasingly demand for high-end, depth, personalised tourism products. Knowing the huge potential in China, Chile Tourism Board specifically launched Chile Tourism Webinar of Discover Chile  targeting at China market was presented successfully on June 6th and 8th. This webinar introduced rich tourism resources of Chile, which attracted more than 600 Chinese travel trade professionals to learn more about Chile systematically.
China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online (WTO), as the co-organiser, planned and produced successfully for the Chile Tourism Webinar by virtue of professional competence in organising tourism webinar, from inspirational speaker, catching explanation, high-definition video to warm online interaction.
World Travel Online achieved great success in planning and execution for the Chile Tourism Webinar

The Webinar training programs presented rich tourism resources of Chile, covering Chile Tourism promo film, Brief Information, Experience Chile (such as Sport Adventure, Culture Heritage, Food and Wine, Leisure lifestyle, Health wellness and Natural inspiration), and districts which are divided into five distinct geographic and climatic zones ( including The North and the Atacama Desert, Santiago and the Central zone, Lake River and Volcanoes, Patagonia and the extreme Southern, and the Islands). For Chinese travel trade personnel, the webinar is an definitely effective way for Chinese tour operators to master the knowledge of Chile tourism resources and help to promote Chile tourism to attract more Chinese tourists to visit Chile.
 The Atacama Desert    The Easter Island
During the webinar, the interactive questions brought the program into the climax. The dedicated phone lines were swamped with the calls from travel trade personnel all around China. Every participant felt excited and answered all the questions vividly. The prizes for top 3 were the wine from Chile. The winners of June 6th were Ms Chen Yi from CYTS Shanghai branch, Ms Li Jing from Beijing Hongda International Travel Service and Ms Pan Li from Liaoning Business International Travel Service. The winners of June 8th were Ms Jin Juan from Tianjin Modern Holiday International Travel Service, Ms Dong Ying from Shenzhen Pengyun International Travel Service and Ms Lu Yan from Guangzhou Comfort International Travel Service.
Ms. Pan Li, the winner of interactive questions section, commended that “The webinar is a very innovative way to promote tourism. I have learnt a lot about Chile and felt happy to get the prize.”
Mr. Dong Liang, the manager of outbound travel department of CYTS Shanghai branch, said that “Our company has set 2012 as ‘the Year of the America’ and has been taking steps to develop America tourism market. This free online training is a very good opportunity for us to learn Chile tourism. And we hope this kind of training program will be increasingly taken place.”
Given the prediction from UNWTO that the total number of outbound visitors from China may reach 90 million by 2013 and then 100 million by 2015, Chile and South America will be benefited by the rapid increase of Chinese visitors.

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