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Rwanda is willing to attract more Chinese tourists via the African Tourism Forum
COTTM 2018, held from 16 – 18 April, is attracting hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world, including Rwanda – an African country that is willing to promote its various tourism resources. On the first day of the event, H.E. Charles Kayonga, Ambassador of Rwanda to China, came to the booth of Rwanda (No. 247), and attended the African Tourism Forum themed “Africa - A New Frontier for Chinese Visitors” that was held by World Travel Online and CBN Travel & MICE.
Rwanda attracted visitors
by showing their traditional dance
The handcrafts were very popular among visitors
In the forum, H.E. Charles Kayonga said that Rwanda is a beautiful country with so much tourism attractions. “Since I became Ambassador in 2014, I have been promoting my country's tourism through exhibitions and conferences such as this in many parts of China. My plan for this year is to continue. This is the third Exhibition since July last year and I have more planned in the rest of 2018.” He added.
H.E. Charles Kayonga attended the Africa Tourism Forum to share his views on tourism
Later, he continued to introduced Rwanda to Chinese tour operators in detail by answering the questions in details.
Q: Is Rwanda a safe place to visit for Chinese?
A: Tourists would want to visit a country and be able to come back home alive. Therefore, safety in all its forms is important from physical, to health, accidents, theft etc. Rwanda has been rated the safest in all these. In fact Rwanda is the safest on the continent where women can move at night with no fear of molestation. We have not experienced any epidemics such as Ebola or bird flue etc. Moreover, we have efficient health services to ensure safety of tourists.
Q: How about the flights from China to Rwanda?
A: A number of airlines now fly from China to Rwanda including Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways, South African, Turkish, in fact all international airlines can connect a traveler to Rwanda. Moreover, Rwanda Air will be flying to Guangzhou during this year. When I fly from Beijing at 2AM, I arrive in Rwanda on 2PM on the same day....just after 14 or 15 hours of flight including transit time.
Q: How about food in Rwanda? How easily available is Chinese food or Chinese restaurant?
A: Several Chinese restaurants have opened in Rwanda and serve Chinese food. You can eat Beijing duck or Cantonese food. All varieties are available. Rwandan food is tasty will like meat kebabs locally know as brochette.
Q: Do incoming operators have easy access to Chinese speaking guides? 
A: Tour operators now employ Rwandans who are fluent in Chinese..we take advantage of growing knowledge of Chinese language because of so many students who graduate from China.
Q: How about the visa policy for Chinese visitors?
A: Chinese tourists can now get visa on arrival at any entry point in Rwanda. But Embassy also gives visas efficiently, and the visa can be received in less than 3 days.
H.E. Charles Kayonga said : “We hope we can attract more Chinese tourists via the  African Tourism Forum!”
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