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2012 WTM Vision Conference was successfully held in Shanghai
WTM Vision Conference 2012 was a great success. The well known tourism industry talk attracted over 160 senior tourism officials ambassadors, consul generals as well as senior decision makers of Chinese tour operators and corporate travel organisers from around China.
The resounding sucess of the first WTM Vision Conference Shanghai proved the vision of the World Travel Market of recognising China as having the fastest growing travel and tourism industry.  In announcing the event Chairman of World Travel Market Ms. Fiona Jeffery said: “The industry has shown a great demand for mid-year information, research, analysis, and opinion to help shape business strategies.” WTM Vision Shanghai focused on China both inbound and outbound markets. It attracted over 160 senior tourism officials ambassadors, consul generals of many countries as well as senior decision makers of Chinese tour operators and corporate travel organisers from around China with speakers and panellists representing the most authoritative institutions and the most respected travel companies both in China and world wide.
               The speakers of WTM Vision Conference
Left 1: Mr. Simon Press, Exhibition Director of WTM; Left 2: Mr. Marcel Schneider, CEO of Tui China; Left 3: Mr. Manelik Sfez, Head of Global Partner & Corporate Marketing of Global Blue; Left 4: Ms. Cecilia Zhou, General Manager of Miki Travel; Left 5: Mr. Ge Wanjun, Executive President of Jin-jiang International Travel; Right 3: Ms. Li Guoqing, President and GM of Anhui, China Travel Service; Right 2: Mr. Ray Li, Euromonitor International; Right 1: Dr. Adam Wu, COO of China Business Network incorporating World Travel Online and CBN Travel & MICE was tasked with the official introduction as well as moderating the conference
Being completely new to the Chinese market the World Travel Market rightly selected the China Business Network (CBN) and its subsidiary CBN Travel & MICE to organise the first ever WTM Vision Conference Shanghai. World Travel Online (WTO) – the awards winning outbound travel portal on the China Wide Web supported the event by releasing authoritative information about both the World Travel Online and WTM Vision Conference in Chinese language to the travel trade across China. As a result the conference was oversubscribed which lead to the upgrading the venue from the round hall of the Shanghai Exhibition Centre to the 5 star JC Mandarin Hotel where over 160 delegates gathered together to hear the latest industry reports as well as to network with each other prior to, during and after the conference.

Dr. Adam Wu of CBN opened the conference by sharing his experience of attending the World Travel Market over 20 years ago. He spoke confidently of the WTM as the world largest B2B only travel exhibition which has attracted high praises from senior tourism officials including the Chairman and deputy Chairmen of CNTA,  Chairman of Shanghai Tourism Administration Mr. Dao Shuming who participated in the WTM 2011.
 Dr. Adam Wu, COO of CBN Travel & MICE opened the conference and was the moderator throughout in both Chinese and English
 The conference attracted over 160 delegates including Ambassadors and Consul Generals, senior tourism officials, and senior travel professionals from China and other parts of the world

Mr. Simon Press, the Exhibition Director of WTM, officiated at the opening and welcome speech followed by Mr. Wu Jianguo, Deputy Chairman of Shanghai Tourism Administration. In the first session Mr. Ray Li from Euromonitor International China analysed the overview of global travel Industry and predicted Chinese tourists will spend 36 billion on shopping in overseas in 2012. Vice President and Head of Global Partner & Corporate Marketing of Global Blue, Mr. Manelik Sfez shared topic of shopping while traveling and experience of tax free shopping. 
 Director of WTM Mr. Simon Press officiated at the opening  Mr. Wu jianguo, the deputy Chairman of Shanghai Tourism Administration  delivering a official welcome speech
 Euromonitor International China Analyst Mr. Ray Li delivering a speech about online travel retailing  Head of Global Partner & Corporate Marketing of Global Blue, Mr. Manelik Sfez analyzing the market of tourism shopping

After the initial sessions of relevant presentations the conference entered the climax with the panel discussion on the Chinese inbound and outbound markets. The panellists seemed to be carefully chosen and well balanced to represent two foreign travel companies succeeding in China and two distinctive Chinese travel companies again representing not only the all powerful Jin-jiang group but also well established though less known regional China Travel Service from An-hui province which has well established inbound attractions but also developing outbound travel successfully. 

The panellists shared their experience in both inbound and outbound travel to and from China. They also answered questions from international audience on how to attract Chinese visitors as well as promoting foreign destinations in China. General Manager of MIKI Travel Ms. Cecelia Zhou commented “a smooth visa application process is vital for Chinese travellers when deciding their next overseas holiday destination”. Executive President of Jin-Jiang International Travel Mr. Ge Wanjun added “Chinese people tend to leave booking their holiday until the very last minute so visa application processes need to be made quick, easy and accessible”.

Other factors destinations need to consider when trying to attract this increasing market is the "joint exercise from both the private and public sectors" CEO of TUI Travel China, Mr. Marcel Schneider commented. "There is a need to be willing to invest money, HR and time to develop the destination in order to meet the Chinese market’s expectations," Schneider added.

President and General Manager of Anhui China Travel Service Ms. Li Guoqing explained: “Chinese tourists really need to be educated on outbound destinations, what is there to do? What is there to eat? Where is there to stay? In order to attract a high numbers of Chinese tourists.” 
The panel debate on the Chinese inbound and outbound markets  Questions and Answers time in WTM Vision Conference Shanghai

Mr. Simon Press, the Exhibitions Director World Travel Market made the closing remark at  WTM Vision Conference – Shanghai, saying: "WTM Vision Conference Shanghai offered a fascinating insight to the Chinese tourism industry. We learnt that Chinese tourists are in high demand due to their high in resort spending patterns and delegates heard the secrets to attracting high numbers of visitors from China”.

"The event, in association with China Business Network, is a great addition to the Vision portfolio, following on from similarly highly successful events in Moscow, London and Dubai”  Simon concluded and welcomed delegates to participate or visit the WTM 2012 on November 5-8 2012.
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