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Survey: Most Chinese prefer to travel independently
Some 80.2 percent of respondents to a China Youth Daily survey released Wednesday prefer to make their own travel plans instead of going on group trip planned by travel agents.
The survey of 2,001 Chinese found that 86.7 percent of them love to travel.
A total of 63.3 percent of them prefer independent trips because they can set their own schedule, while 62.3 percent believe it is better to travel on their own.
"Without travel agents, tourists have more freedom. I can drive and enjoy the scenery along the road, or if the road is suitable for riding a bike, I will choose that," said Qin Mingxuan who works at a financial firm in Beijing.
The respondents' favorite mode of transportation is driving (74.4 percent).
"I want to be free from being forced into shopping malls by travel agents, where you can do nothing but shop," Qin said.
"Before the Internet, travel agents were a great help for those who knew little about their destination. With online travel guides, it is easy to travel independently," Qin said.
The survey also lists dos and don'ts for independent travelers.
A total of 61.6 percent like a detailed travel plan, 61.2 percent said travel with companions is safer, and 57.6 percent suggested booking accommodation in advance.
  Source: Ecns
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