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Chinese tourists expected to bring in $60 bln to U.S.
The boom in Chinese outbound tourism is expected to bring in $60 bln to U.S.
Outbound tourists to the US from China surged over 20 percent in 2014 to 2.19 million, thanks to extensions of visa validity. The visa policy was hailed by the US tourism industry as a major income boost.
Yellowstone national park, the General Sherman tree, or even Hollywood, America's great scenary has never this close to the Chinese people, all thanks to an extension of tourist and business visa validity to 10 years for Chinese visitors.
Since the start of the new visa policy in November applications jumped 57 percent.
Participants at a leading tourism industry conference Travel Exchange underway in Orlando say China has become the U.S.'s fastest growing source of tourists.
"We've seen huge increases in tourists traveling to America, no matter if they are with tour groups or independent tours. Independent tourists have taken up the larger share of the market," said Yin Yi, general manager of, greater northern region.
The tourism can be a billion-dollar business to U.S. tour companies.
The boom in outbound tourism has created opportunities for car rental companies.
"Outbound Chinese tourists increases by about 20 percent every year, but car rental will soar by at least a half," said Li Bin, co-founder of
California is the area most favoured by Chinese tourists and attracts the most shoppers. The city has invested about 9 million US dollars in tourism this year. What's worth noting is that the Annenberg Estate where the US president hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping during his 2013 visit to the states, has become a hot tourism destination for Chinese visitors.
  Source: Xinhua Net

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