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Alibaba's payment platform enters Turkish market
Alipay, the payment platform of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is commencing operations in Turkey. Following a partnership deal with the new generation payment platform ininal, Alipay announced its new services for Chinese tourists visiting Turkey.
In the process, ininal, a MultinetUp subsidiary operating in fintech (financial technology), has become Alipay's first business partner in Turkey. As part of the deal, Chinese visitors will now be able to use Alipay, Alibaba's payment platform run by Ant Financial Services Group, in Turkey.
The cooperation will be valid at the respective facilities of the tourism company Dorak Holding, which serves more than 85 percent of the Chinese tourists visiting Turkey.
The companies accepting payment with Alipay in the scope of this service include balloon companies, such as ones in the popular tourist destinations, shops, hotels and restaurants in Cappadocia.
The companies covered by the agreement will be able to connect directly with the Chinese tourists visiting Istanbul and Cappadocia via the Alipay application. In addition, customers will be able to pay by checking the Alipay QR code that appears on the card terminals using the same application during check-out.
  Source: Daily Sabah

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