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Chinese tourists use UnionPay cards in 137 countries and regions amid holiday
The value of transactions that UnionPay, the biggest Chinese bank card provider, facilitated during the Chinese New Year holiday exceeded RMB 1 trillion (USD 147.3 billion) for the first time.
The tally reached RMB 1.16 trillion (USD 171 billion) during the one-week holiday period that ended on February 10, up over 71% from last year, the Shanghai-based firm said on its website yesterday. 
Consumption related to tourism, including travel agencies, attractions, and lodging, rose over 90% from last year. Chinese tourists used UnionPay cards in 137 countries and regions, which is ten more than last year. UnionPay card transactions in countries along the Belt and Road increased significantly, including Myanmar, Morocco, India, Turkey and Finland.
The number of transactions on UnionPay's mobile payment platform increased more than two times and the value of them rose over four times. The overseas use of UnionPay's mobile phone Cloud Flash-payment application with QR code payments also doubled.
UnionPay cardholders from 37 countries and regions made use of this type of payment method in China over the holidays, up over 20% annually.  
  Source: China Travel News

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