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Rwanda's tourist attractions showcased in China
The Embassy of Rwanda in China has showcased the different tourism attractions in Rwanda to a cross-section of Chinese tourists and encouraged them to visit the country.
During the event that was held at the embassy premises in Beijing on Friday, a number of people were given a chance to look at Rwanda’s natural endowments.
Rwandan cultural dances, videos as well as a painting and picture exhibition depicting tourist packages like the landscape of Rwanda, mountain gorillas among others were also shown.
Speaking to the attendees, Charles Kayonga, the Ambassador of Rwanda to China, introduced Rwanda and its surrounding region as one of the most naturally endowed regions of Africa, the safest country on the continent and among the top ten safest countries in the world, as well as an easy place for doing business.
The envoy also said that Rwanda is “blessed with extraordinary biodiversity,” incredible wildlife living in its volcanoes, rain forests and stripping plains.
He told them about different national parks, from the Akagera and the opportunity it gives to see ‘the big five,’ to the Nyungwe Forest National Park which he described as the best preserved rain forest in Africa and where the most upstream source of the Nile is located.
“Visiting Lake Kivu area will mesmerize you with its scenic topography and serene water. Lake Kivu is said to be excellent for swimming and other water sports owing to the absence of pollutants and environmental protection efforts in the surrounding areas”.
He also tipped them on local food, cultural dances and the car free day, before he introduced them to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas.
Ambassador Charles Kayonga speaks at the event.
“One of the best attractions in Rwanda which you shouldn’t miss when you visit is the Virunga National Park which is home to the endangered mountain gorillas,” he said.
“A census early this year put the mountain gorillas population at over 1000. And WWF (World wide fund for nature) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has classified them as critically endangered species. Thanks to the efforts of the government of Rwanda and the commitment of local communities and rangers, the gorilla population is increasing,” he added.
“Since 2005, the Rwandan government has been organising a unique gorilla naming ceremony called KwitaIzina. The ceremony’s main goal is to help monitor the gorillas and bring attention both locally and internationally about the importance of protecting mountain gorillas and their habitats in the volcanoes,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Kayonga also said the China-Rwanda relations are at their best since establishment of diplomatic ties in 1971.
He said that in the last two years, the leaders of the two countries have met four times, twice in China and two times in Africa, including the July visit to Rwanda by President Xi Jinping.
  Source: The New Times

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