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Jakarta Becomes a Hotbed for Chinese Tourists
Jakarta is still a hotbed for tourists from China. Throughout January-July 2017, the number of foreign tourists from the country this still dominate the number of visits to Jakarta by foreigners.
As stated by Head of Jakarta Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Thoman Pardosi, the total amount of foreign tourists from China in June 2017 reached 24,017 visits.
"The portion of Chinese tourists accounts for 13-15 percent of all visits to the capital city of Jakarta," he said on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
Based on data from BPS-Statistics Indonesia, the top five foreign countries who visited the capital city in June 2017 were China with 24,017 visits, Malaysia with 15,334 visits, Japan with 13,016 visits, Singapore with 12,627 visits and South Korea with 9,371 visits.
"In total, the visits of foreign tourists from the five nationalities were at 74,367 visits, while the number of visits in June reached 162,333 visits," Thoman Pardosi explained.
The number of foreign tourists visiting Jakarta in June 2017 decreased by 22.92 percent compared to the previous month which amounted to 210,595 visits.
  Source: En Tempo Co

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