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New joint visa launches for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda
From January 1, 2014,foreigners with the new joint visa of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda can visit any of this three countries.
On January 1st, a new joint visa launched for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, aiming to boost tourism in East Africa.
It will cost GBP60 (US$100) for the joint visa, saving GBP18 on the current total price of the separate visas.
“Kenya is delighted to be joining hands with its neighbouring nations in a move that will benefit tourists visiting the diverse region and boost our respective tourism sectors. The cross-border visa will support intra-regional travel between the participating countries through new joint marketing and trade opportunities,” said Phyllis Kandie, Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Commerce & Tourism Kenya.
Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities of Uganda Hon Dr Maria Mutagamba, added: “We are proud to invite our future tourists to experience a more accessible eastern Africa region. Visitors to our region will benefit from the new, more convenient multi-nation visa and will see the improvements in security, immigration systems, infrastructure and capacity building that this system brings.”

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  Source: Travel Daily

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