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Zanzibar: A Very Cultural Beach Summer Holidayery Cultural Beach Summer Holiday
Zanzibar is an island of bright beauty and long history. There are a lot of scenery spot, such as The Palace Museum,Streets of Stone Town,Low tide on Paje Beach.
Just off the coast of Tanzania, the African island of Zanzibar isn't simply a sunny, sandy paradise geared toward honeymoon couples -- it's an island of bright beauty and long history. These attract numerous Chinese to go to Zanzibar for a summer holiday. There's a lot more to see, do and enjoy on this small island in the Indian Ocean.
The Palace Museum

Built in the 19th century, the former Sultan's Palace (also known as Beit el-Sahel) perches on the seafront and is one of Stone Town's iconic buildings.  The Palace Museum in Stone Town offers an insight into the life of Zanzibar's former royal family and colonial past. Resident Khalid bin Barghash was a key proponent in the abolition of the Arab slavery trade.

Streets of Stone Town

The historic center of Zanzibar, Stone Town is the archetypal Arabian Nights town.

Guests can spend days losing themselves in the winding, narrow streets, marveling at the minarets that spear the skyline, as well as exploring the colonial buildings leftover from the Portuguese, British and Germans.

Low tide on Paje Beach

One of the most striking features of this beach on the east coast of the island is its low tide -- the azure waters retreat for miles, leaving a landscape of silver sands punctuated by beached fishing boats, stranded shellfish and the occasional bemused traveler.
  Source: CNN

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