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Outbound Travel in Spring Festival: Spotlights on In-depth Tour, Theme Tour, and FIT Tours
Outbound Travel in Spring Festival:Depth Tour, Theme Tour, and FIT Tours are popular choices.

Island Charter Tour is Popular

Island charter tour is becoming a hot topic of the outbound tourism market in spring festival. Besides of the traditional charter tour to Bali Island, Phuket Island, Okinawa Island, Australia, etc., tour operators also launched new products of American island charter tours. By analysis from insiders, charter flights as a scarce resource in the market has always been favored by many outbound tourists. From economic view, the cost saving from charter flights could mean more spending on travel services. Furthermore, tourists will be spared from multiple transfers during flights and have more time to go sightseeing.

Multiple Itineraries to meet Multiple Demands

"Winter is the peak season of traveling to Australia and New Zealand, and the tour products to the two destinations were the first to sold out." said by Shi Xin, who works in Marketing Dept. of China International Travel Service. Cuisine and Scenic view are the very special parts of New Zealand. Tourists nowadays not only just want to go sightseeing but also experience the local culture and features.

"During the Lunar New Year, long-haul tours will be very popular, such as Adelaide tour in Australia, In-depth tour in Greece, combined tour of Syria and Jordan." Zhou Jingjing from Western Holiday Marketing Dept. of Nanhu International Travel Service Co.,Ltd told the reporter.

FIT Tours Occupied Half the Outbound Tourism Market

A specialist from CYTS told us," Tourists' recognition towards tourism had changed in recent years. Experienced travelers would no longer choose tour products which engaged to visit multiple countries in a couple of weeks. They have a more clear purpose, and focus more on quality of service and brand. For instance, we once have a tourist who had been to Maldives before; the reason he chooses to go there second time is just because he is fond of a hotel in the island."

More and more Chinese tourists see outbound travel as a chance to broaden horizon, and experience foreign cultures. Therefore, they have higher demand for the content and patterns of travel. Seen from the sales of tour operators, half of the outbound tourism market has now been taken over by FIT tours. This shows that tourists are increasingly pursuing personalized tour experiences. A structural change is happening on the way of Chinese outbound travel. The products of packaged tour with a busy schedule in multiple destinations were gradually replaced by all-directional development such as in-depth and theme tours, etc.

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  Source: China Daily overseas edition

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