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Wang Zhifa Meeting with Vice Minister of Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile
Wang Zhifa Meeting with Vice Minister of Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile.

The delegation led by Wang Zhifa, Vice Chairman of China National Tourism Administration , held a formal talk with Mr. Tomas Flores, Vice Tourism Minister of Chile in the morning of local time on August 4.

Wang said that there are good political, economic and trade relations between China and Chile which is the first country in South American to recognize and establish a diplomatic relation with the new China, also the first Latin American country to sign a free trade agreement with China. Their relations have created a favorable condition for the two countries' exchanges, and their communication on tourism will also deepen and promote the friendship and mutual understanding between peoples in the two countries. He believed that there are several unique tourism resources in the world in Chile, such as Antarctic tourism and Easter Island, which are gradually known and dreamed of by Chinese travelers, upon a good foundation and prospect for the development of tourism communication between Chile and China. While China, the oriental ancient civilization country, has become one of the most f favorite tourism destinations for Chile, which has forefront level of economic development in Latin America and high proportion of middle class with willingness and ability to travel. However, the number of travelers from the two countries has not achieved the desired size yet at present, due to high travel costs, lack of non-stop flights and appropriate tourism promotion and other factors. The tourism departments between the two countries have the responsibility to promote tourism exchanges in the major framework of good bilateral political and economic relations between the two countries.

Flores said that the number of travelers in China for Chile is increasing slowly and even declining in recent years, since official launch of tourism to Chile from China in July 2005. Although the important tourism source of Chile is not China currently, the Chile has attached great importance to the size and potential of the Chinese outbound market. He added that the Chile will cooperate with China to promote the bilateral tourism exchanges. In addition, the good current relations on politics, economy and trade between Chile and China, as well as the deepening bilateral cooperation of trade in services, will benefit the exchanges and cooperation on the Tourism Enterprises of two sides.

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