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Wang Zhifa Meets with Peter David, Grenada’s Foreign Minister and Minister of Tourism
Wang Zhifa Meets with Peter David, Grenada’s Foreign Minister and Minister of Tourism

On June 16, Mr. Wang Zhifa, Vice Chairman of CNTA met with Peter David, Grenada's Foreign Minister concurrently Minister of Tourism, along with his delegation. Both parties have exchanged their viewpoints on tourism cooperaion between China and Grenada, and on more issues.

Mr. Wang Zhifa first welcomed the visit of Peter David and his delegation on behalf of CNTA. After outlining the current development of China’s tourism industry, Mr. Wang Zhifa said the Chinese Government attaches great importance on the friendly relationship with countries of Caribbean area; Grenada boasts aboundant tourism resources; China is far away from Grenada, the total visits of tourist between the two countries is still not adequate. He suggests that a tourist route should be developed in Caribbean island countries, and transport links be strenghten in the meantime in the Caribbean area, to facilitate Chinese tourists to go to Caribbean area. Furthermore, Grenada is welcomed to promote tourism in China, and China is pleased to furnish necessary support and help.

Mr. Wang Zhifa points out that China will continue to increase tourism cooperation with Caribbean countries including Grenada, and wishes augment communications and exchanges with tourism departments of countries in this area, in order to boost the tourism industry for common progress and development.

David first thanked the Chinese government for China’s support and help for Grenada in various fields. He said the tourism industry weighs strongly with Grenada; Grenada wishes to enhance cooperation and exchange with China in tourism; Grenada is to intensify tourism promotion in China, improve infrastructure, so as to attract more Chinese tourists.

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