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CNTA Releases Pricing Guide For Outbound Travel
CNTA Releases Pricing Guide For Outbound Travel

In order to prevent price traps for outbound travel, the China National Tourism Administration has formally rolled out an official price guide for 17 outbound travel routes.

The 17 routes cover Asia, Europe and Oceania. According to the price guide, the lowest daily consumption countries are the Philippines and Malaysia, which range between RMB150 and RMB500, and the highest consumption areas are such European cities as Copenhagen, Oslo, are Stockholm which are about RMB1900 per day.

Under the guide, the price for a four-day, three-night trip to Hong Kong, including three-star hotel accommodation during the normal period, three breakfasts, four dinners and visits to two scenic spots, is no less than RMB1500 per person. The price for those who tour in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, including four-star hotel accommodations, two meals and visits to three scenic spots should be no less than RMB1100 per person per day. And the price for those who go to Berlin and Frankfurt, including four-star hotel accommodations, two meals and three scenic spots, should be no less than RMB900 per person per day.

The tourism department says this price guide is just a reference, so they won't ask the travel agencies to execute it verbatim. However, it will be useful for tourists because they can check about pricing details for routes. The tourism department also reminds the tourists that the price will be affected by various factors and they should be familiar with the price fluctuations.


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