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United Airlines Launches E-ticketing Service For Chinese Travel Agencies
United Airlines Launches E-ticketing Service For Chinese Travel Agencies

United Airlines has launched its e-ticketing services to Chinese travel agencies. This move aims to simplify the ticketing process for travel agents and customers to meet the growing demand for United Airlines services to and from the United States.

For travel agents e-ticketing will allow them greater flexibility to manage their clients' travel booking by being able to make changes to the actual ticket whilst the customer is on the phone.

"The recent launch of e-ticketing services for travel agencies within China fully demonstrates our confidence and continued commitment to enhancing our service offerings in the China market in addition to meeting IATA's goal of being 100% e-ticketed by 2007," said Sidney Kwok, General Manager of United Airlines, China.

Additionally this new service enables United Airlines' passengers to avoid complications caused by the loss of their paper tickets. Other advantages of this new service include easy booking and convenient check-in.

United says e-tickets perform the same function as traditional paper tickets, including reciprocal use of airport lounges and access between partner airlines and frequent flyer accural.

Kwok says, "e-tickets will have a huge impact particularly for travelers living outside the main cosmopolitan areas where tickets can be purchased easily online or confirmed with their travel agent over the phone."


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