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Write your own story campaign launched by Sharjah tourism on WTM
Opening the press conference at the Sharjah tourism pavilion, H.E Khalid Jassim Al Midfa, “welcome to the Sharjah stand. We are very happy to be back here at World Travel Market, as you know it is very important for us to showcase what is new in the destination and the good news is that we have so many new different products and experiences in Sharjah. Fortunately, during the covid period we were able to develop many new projects, we are announcing some of them today and within the next two years we will be launching more projects. The most important elements today or the additions are adventure and eco- tourism.”
H.E Khalid Jassim Al Midfa speaking at the stand
HE Midfa said, “As you know Sharjah is the cultural hub in the Arab world and have been recognised an awarded many times by UNESCO. In addition, we host many events the popular one the power boat racing event for the past 20 years and the Sharjah national book fair, the largest book fair in the world and the Sharjah Lights festival to name a few. Today, myself and my colleagues from both government and private sector will be sharing a brief about products and experiences that have been introduced to enhance the emirate’s touristic and overall infrastructure, given the fact that the sector is a major contributor to the national economy. ”
"We are very happy to have you here, as through yourselves whichever field you work under the general tourism umbrella, we will get the right audience, the right reach, the right exposure so thank you once again for being here.” HE Midfa extended his warm welcome and thanks to all the participants and hoped that the major media and tourism practitioners could promote and publicise Sharjah more and bring it to the world.
HE Midfa reiterated, “Ladies and gentlemen there is so much to see when you are in Sharjah, our slogan is smile when you are in Sharjah. Our modern slogan is write your own story, there are so many stories to be written in Sharjah. We focus on the true Arabian identity in the world, this is very important as eco tourists to learn about the cultures and tradition in the Arab world. We are not commercial but we offer value, experiences and memories.”
HE Midfa introduced the rest of the government officials present with him at the stand.
Group photo of government officials 
H.E Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, Acting CEO of Shurooq, shared about the new projects in the Kalba and eastern region, over 120,000 year history in the eco tourism, the largest safari in the world away from Africa being developed in Sharjah. He paid attention to the latest developments and unique projects in sectors of leisure, hospitality and tourism, adventure, and culture and heritage.
His Excellency Ali Salem Al Midfa, the Chairman of the Sharjah International Airport Authority, said with the new routes coming especially with the national carrier flying to Milan from next month, they hope that the capacity will see a further increase as the past few months after the pandemic.
Source: tourismbreakingnews

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