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Chinese tourists seeking premium experiences
For the 148 million travelers from the Chinese mainland who visited overseas destinations last year, and spent $120 billion in all, tourism is no longer just for shopping but an opportunity to mature, evolve and add value to life through richer experiences, said industry experts.
This tectonic shift in the outlook of Chinese tourists is causing winds of change to sweep domestic tourism as well as global travel, and domestic consumption (which is now identified as an economic driver).
Besides, changing tourist preferences have implications for certain emerging vocations, tech-enabled businesses and tradition-and value-based cultures across the world, they said.
To be sure, outbound Chinese tourists still spend a great deal of money on shopping. In 2018, they spent $120 billion, which was only 4 percent more than in 2017, according to data from the China Tourism Academy.
What makes the data important is that the number of outbound Chinese travelers is increasing every year. Last year's number of 148 million was up 13 percent from 2017. An estimated 170 million Chinese tourists will make overseas trips in 2022-their number will likely grow at 5.35 percent annually.
  Source: Ecns

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