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Ctrip provide Chinese tourists with equestrian travel packages to France
Strategic Cooperation between Ctrip and LeCheval adds more products and services to personalized tours.
Ctrip provide Chinese tourists with equestrian travel packages to France
Signed in the presence of the new French Minister of Sports Ms Laura Flessel, the Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony between International, Ltd. and LeCheval's marks the start of a new niche travel market in China. Through mutual promotions and joint efforts, a series of equestrian tours and DIY tour packages will provide travelers with new experiences during their trips to Europe. This reflects ongoing efforts to meet the ever-changing demands of outbound Chinese travelers seen in the shift from the once more scenic and shopping routes to itineraries that are more thematic and in-depth.
Europe is the fastest growing destination in China's outbound market this year. It is expected that Chinese will make 5.5 million trips to Europe. According to a joint report released by Ctrip, the China Tourism Academy and Huayuan MNB, the first half of 2017 saw Europe enjoying a 65% hike in growth from visits made by Chinese tourists. Ctrip's own data comparison indicated a 45% increase in number of visitors to France between 2015 and 2016. France remains a popular European destination for Chinese tourists.
Ctrip is the first online travel agency in China to offer equestrian tours to France. Customers can book online and select either travel packages or individual events from horse races to dinner parties to horse rides in various settings and locations throughout France. The growth potential for equestrian tourism is huge especially since there are more than 1000 equestrian clubs in China and awareness for equitation is rising. As more Chinese travelers gravitates toward adding more 'experiences', uniqueness and a personalized flair to their travels, new equestrian tours arranged by Ctrip and LeCheval will help them to connect, absorb and experience French equestrian culture.
The Executive President of Ctrip's Vacation Department Yang Lei said "France's rich culture offers a wealth of new tour activities and packages for Chinese travelers. Ctrip's global coverage not only provides travelers with unique and tailor-made experiences but also allows Ctrip to remain a leading provider in emerging travel products and services."
  Source: Travel Daily News

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