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Most Popular Luxury Hotel brands for Chinese Luxury Travelers
Ritz Carlton
As China's high-end tourists travel overseas with ever greater regularity, they are placing increasing emphasis on top class hotel accommodation.
Most Popular Luxury Hotel brands for Chinese Luxury Travelers
The Ritz-Carlton was the most popular hotel group in 2016, followed by the Banyan Tree, the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Fairmont and the Peninsula.
The popularity of membership schemes are a good indicator of luxury travelers’ overall levels of satisfaction with luxury hotels. Compared with 2015, the Ritz-Carlton membership scheme's popularity rose by 19%, taking the crown from the Hilton as the scheme of choice. Marriott fell to sixth. Younger travelers' preferences remain largely unchanged.
The popularity of the Ritz-Carlton's membership scheme is no surprise given its outstanding reputation among luxury travelers for high-quality service and luxurious standards.
Most Popular Luxury Hotel brands for Chinese Luxury Travelers
These information are according to the results of the 2017 Chinese Luxury Traveller report, issued jointly by Hurun Report and ILTM, focusing on the behavior and demands of China's high-end tourists, to understand and interpret the direction in which the industry is heading.
Holiday Hotels the Most Popular Style of Luxury Hotel
Most Popular Luxury Hotel brands for Chinese Luxury Travelers
Holiday hotels are by far the most popular kind of hotel among respondents, gaining 81% of the vote. Business hotels (18%), B&Bs (9%) and apartments (6%) received significantly lower preference rates. The relaxing atmosphere, luxurious decor and the variety of high-end services provided by holiday hotels all work in their favor among respondents.
Hotel Service Most Important Consideration, Followed by Room with A View
Along with their growing enthusiasm for personalized travel services, China's high-end tourists are also attaching increasing value to quality of travel services. Provision of personalized service is the most important factor when choosing a hotel for 49%. The following factors all prioritize hotel facilities and location; good views (48%), room cleanliness (44%), comfortable bedding (34%), good location (44%) and hotel style (36%) all constitute significant deciding factors. Word of mouth recommendations (17%), value for money (15%) and membership benefits (10%) are of secondary importance to most luxury travelers.
Most Popular Luxury Hotel brands for Chinese Luxury Travelers
In summary, luxury travelers favor hotels with good locations that can provide them with personalized services, in combination with high-quality, comfortable rooms with good views. Respondents no longer blindly flock to hotels with leading reputations or bargain hunt, as their tastes become more discerning. Good service and spectacular views trump reputation and interior design.
Large Accommodation Budgets Among
Luxury Travelers In terms of accommodation budgets, the average nightly spend is nearly 3,800 yuan, with 28% spending 3,001-5,000 yuan, followed by 1,001-2,000 yuan with 26%.
Most Popular Luxury Hotel brands for Chinese Luxury Travelers
The younger generation of tourists has risen year-on-year, up 7% to 3,325 yuan. 32% are willing to spend in excess of 5,000 yuan per night, on super high-end accommodation.
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