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China's business travel market to grow steadily in 2017
Over 90% of business travelers use mobile payment tools to pay for their trips, according to an AirPlus report.
Chinese business travel market is expected to maintain steady growth this year, according to an industry report.
Managers have positive outlook toward the business travel market, with about 45 percent of those surveyed expecting increased travel this year, out-performing the global average, according to AirPlus, a leading German travel services provider.
About 41 percent of the managers believe that the Chinese economy will support the business travel sector, and that the Belt and Road Initiative will increase international business exchanges.
Over 90 percent of business travelers use mobile payment tools to pay for their trips, according to the report.
Globally, business travel payments will become easier, smarter and safer through digital solutions, according to Michiel Verhaagen,board member of AirPlus International.
China is the fourth largest market for AirPlus, which saw deals grow by 34 percent in 2016, according to Wang Lu, managing director of AirPlus International China.
  Source: Xinhua Net

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