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"2048" Featuring Sanqin Culture Sweeps Across Social Media

XI'AN, China, Dec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- From November 6 to 17, Shaanxi, one of the provinces in China, launched "Enjoy Shaanxi, Enjoy 2048" on three major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, aiming to reveal the beautiful nature and humanistic customs of Shaanxi while engaging fans in interactions.

Incorporating the elements of the game "2048" and cultural tourism resources including Terracotta Warriors and Brown Pandas, Shaanxi has released posters and exclusive game (@Visit Shaanxi) to provide unique and creative visual effect during the event. While making Terracotta Warriors the cultural IP of Shaanxi, the event also allows fans to enjoy the charming culture and tourism in Shaanxi with creative and exquisite gifts.

In addition, the event will integrate the game with online interaction by involving Facebook Messenger's JoinChat so that the interactions between fans and Visit Shaanxi can be easier and more convenient.

With this event, Shaanxi will continue its efforts in recreational marketing and engage fans to explore Sanqin Culture and natural scenery in Shaanxi. In this way, Shaanxi can build emotional connections with global tourists to create more emotional resonance and cultural identity. In the future, Shaanxi will remain its focus on cultural connotation and brand appeal to show the Chinese tourism and customs vividly and internationally.

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