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Tourism year to boost travel between China, Canada
The ongoing bilateral tourism year is poised to boost travel between China and North America's northernmost nation.
Viewing Niagara Falls from a helicopter was a highlight of Guan Jing's recent visit to Canada.
Tourists can view Niagara Falls in Canada from a helicopter, below or aboard a cruise ship.
A growing number of Chinese are visiting North America's northernmost country to experience its diverse offerings.
(Photo by Destination Canada/for China Daily)
He also enjoyed seeing the cascades from below, aboard a cruise ship.
"I could feel the water splashing," the 31-year-old Beijing resident recalls.
"A lot of passengers were screaming excitedly."
Guan is among a growing number of Chinese visiting North America's northernmost country. And Chinese arrivals seem likely set to increase, following the launch of the China-Canada Tourism Year in Toronto in March. The closing ceremony will be held in China.
The year features a slew of new initiatives and activities in both countries to boost mutual tourism.
Canadians paid over 800,000 visits to China in 2017, a nearly 9 percent increase over the previous year, People's Daily reports.
Chinese arrivals reached a record of over 680,000 in 2017, a 12 percent increase over 2016, Destination Canada reports. China is the country's third-largest source of inbound tourists.
Most Chinese visit during the peak period in July and August.
Ontario province-especially the national capital, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls-are their favorite destinations, the tourism body reports.
Expanded air capacity, favorable economic conditions and visa liberalization bode well for an increase in arrivals this year, Destination Canada forecasts.
Eight airlines flew directly to four Canadian cities, including Montreal and Vancouver, last year.
China Southern Airlines recently increased its direct Guangzhou-to-Toronto flights from three weekly to daily.
Both countries offer reciprocal 10-year visas.
Canada opened seven visa-application centers in China last year, bringing the total number to 12.
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